Thursday, 9 July 2009

The Green Arrow and British Patriot Products

Nice colour green. Well I would say that

Right sleeve logo will now be a Sword

I must confess, that when I was approached by Roger Phillips of the coming nationalist on-line superstore site, British Patriot Products and asked whether I would object to them selling products carrying the Green Arrow brand, I readily agreed and thought no more about it.

Then bing, bing, bing. The following images arrive with news that the site is due to open officially within two weeks.

Click for larger image

This is incredible. To register a new business, set up the website and everything that goes with a secure on-line service in such a short time, incredible. As an expert in Rapid Application Development methods, I am impressed. Anyhow here is a sample, although, I have been informed that the logo sizes will vary and will depend on my final approval.

Logo and Arrow will be smaller

What will I do if I make any money out of this? Remove the donation button on the right and hopefully have a little over to donate to Wales BNP. Maybe, just maybe buy a few decent cans of beer for the weekend.