Tuesday, 14 July 2009

One day in Britain

The following are just a few of the news stories which appeared in the British papers over the last twenty four hours.

Joseph Lappin 16, stabbed through the heart

Ten people have today been arrested as part of the ongoing investigation into the murder of 16 year old army cadet Joseph Lapin, who was stabbed to death in Liverpool last October, after he and a friend were chased through the street by a mob of up to 15 "youths". (The ethnicity of the suspects has not been disclosed, however, British readers will be accustomed to the use of the code word "youths")

Convicted gang killers Femi Forde and and Richard Osborne

Yet another "Gang Killing" . Despite the fact that these killings are almost invariably involve blacks killing other blacks, or sometimes blacks killing white who were in the wrong place, at the wrong time, the media still tries to pretend that "gang violence" exists in all communities (yeah, just like female genital mutilation and Muti killing). The two charming individuals above decided to do away with Wayne Freckleton a rival, also black, gang member, and will now be costing the tax payer thousands of pounds a year for the next thirty years.

David Cauchi-Lechmere died of stab wounds

"Teenagers" Lewis Wilson, 18, Losimba Yfeko, 18, and a 17-year-old have been charged with the murder of Mr Cauchi-Lechmere at an east London party. (in this instance the use of the other common code word "teenagers" was rather undermined by the publication of two of the suspects' names)

Harold Stafford attacked his victim with a golf club

Stafford, a 54 year old psychiatric nurse from Bedford was today convicted of attacking a fellow golf player with a golf club, in an act of so called "golf rage". In his defence Stafford claimed that his battered victim Barry Barnes had "shouted a racist remark at him" but to quote Mandy Rice Davies, he would say that wouldn't he ?

The usual, you know the story

The trial continues of Ricardo Morrison, who is accused of murdering aspiring model Amy Leigh Barnes. This is another example of the same old story, white girl meets black boy, black boy (allegedly) kills white girl, society continues to pretend inter-racial sex is cool. I'll say no more.

Kenneth Erskine, the Stockwell Strangler

Twenty one years after his conviction, serial killer Erskine was today re-designated a serial manslaughterer, on account of the fact that he was allegedly suffering from a mental abnormality when he strangled seven pensioners between the ages of 67 and 94 over a period of a few months in Stockwell, South London. I am sure that makes the victim's families feel considerably better.

Bradfordistan West Yorkshire

Four people have been arrested on suspicion of murder after the suspected poisoning of a Bradford woman. Sana Abbasi, 22, of Pollard Park, died on Friday at Bradford Royal Infirmary where she had been treated for several weeks for an unexplained illness. An Honour poisoning perhaps?

Drug dealer Balasubrahaniam

Drug dealer Kandeepan Balasubrahaniam, 22, from Acton, west London was jailed for at least years following the stabbing death of mixed race teenager Craig Marshall, with whom he was arguing over payment for a drug transaction.

And thus passed another day in multicultural Britain.

Sarah: Maid of Albion