Saturday, 18 July 2009

Dear Glamorgan Gazette

Dear Editor

Anybody watch the TV series of Hornblower? I really must read the books again by the superb C.S. Forester of whom Winston Churchill wrote "I find Hornblower admirable".

Well for some reason, as I started to write this article about a letter to the Glamorgan Gazette, an imaginary clip from Hornblower popped into my mind.

Admiral Sir Edward Pellew: "Oh and Hornblower"

Hornblower: "Sir?"

Admiral Sir Edward Pellew: "Whilst your at it, why not put a shot across the other ships bow, if you understand my meaning?"

Hornblower: "I do indeed Sir, I do indeed."

Welll back to the article. The Bridgend Patriot, which is a patriotic site that supports the British National Party, has been contacted by one of their local readers over a letter sent in to the Glamorgan Gazette.

A Ms Lloyd wrote a letter to the Points of View page after the paper published an article entitled "Schools insight into Islamic Faith", an event that was also reported on this site.

The paper published the letter under the heading "Turning the tables" and is copied below.

I write with reference to your article dated Thursday 2nd July 2009 entitled schools insight in to Islamic faith. School children were shown around the Muslim community centre in Bridgend where they learned about the faith and festivals such as Ramadan.

As a practising Christian I was horrified to learn that the children were then shown to the wash rooms where cleansing takes place before ending their visit by selecting prayer mats and practising the ritual of prayers to the Islamic gods. I ask my self if the tables were turned and the children were visiting a Christian church would the Muslim children of the school participate? Would they be permitted to pray to our God? I can’t imagine that this would be the case.

I’m sure that it can not be argued that Britain is a Christian country but as we have been inundated with immigration and asylum seekers we have learned to become more tolerant and more multi-cultural but are we loosing our identity as a Christian country to other faiths?

We have been introduced to mosques and temples and our children are learning that this is becoming the norm so I am forced to evaluate the way in which this country is being run. If I was to live in an Islamic country I would in essence have to live according to their law and culture I would not be able to build a church and worship in my own faith I would not celebrate Easter or Christmas but instead would be surrounded by not a mulit-cultural environment but by one that accepts only Islam, so this brings me to the question why has Britain lost its identity to other cultures when ours in not accepted in the Islamic world, it is for this reason I was forced to re-think my political views during last months election and concluded the only party willing to bring back Britain’s identity and fight to keep us a Great Nation was the British national party, it is for this reason they received my vote this year.

Ms R Lloyd

Now the reason for the use of two colours in the display of the letter is to report that the portion highlighted in blue was printed in the paper but the second tranche printed in red was not.

Ms Lloyd, unhappy with only the partial publication of her letter, contacted the editor of the Gazette, Mrs Deborah Rees and asked why. She was informed by Mrs Rees that her (Ms Lloyd's) political views were of a "Nature to entice Racial Hatred".

When Ms Lloyd asked if she had mentioned any other political party than the British National Party, would her letter have been published in full, the editor of the Gazette responded with "Yes".

Now leaving aside the details and the points raised by the article, there must be a moral to this story somewhere?

Would it be, that were it not for the existence of a small patriotic blog supporting the people in its area, Ms Lloyd would have had no platform to let people know the truth and for us to show the collusion between the so called Free Press and The Establishment?