Sunday, 12 July 2009

Nick Griffin on The Andrew Marr Show

By The Green Arrow
The Chairman of the British National Party, Nick Griffin MEP is interviewed on the Andrew Marr show on 12th July 2009.

Comment by johnofgwent

The techno-war between the BBC and the Youtube Uploaders continues at a furious pace and I have no interest in joining either side so I wasn't going to use my own resources to grab and upload the sight of our soon to be newest MEP in discussuion with Andrew Marr this morning. However, since someone else has done just that .....

I will say it was an interesting exchange of views. Unlike a certain former Fleet Street Editor who began his opening line with "Tell Me Me Griffin who do you hate most, jews or muslims" Marr stayed on a short leash.

Having introduced Griffin as an elected MEP and leader of a party which garnered close to a million votes at the Euro Elections in the face of a reduced turnout and has about a hundred councillors and a London Assembly Member he proceeded to throw down the customary "you are a fascist" gauntlet but had the good sense (unlike Andrew Neill) not to challenge Nick when it was pointed out that it is not he who demands everyone bow down to an oppressive state, it is not he who demands you live under constant video surveillance, in a land where the police demand the right to stop you in the street as you walk home from the pub so they can check you are carrying your identity papers.

I was, however. disappointed with the discussion on Europe. It sounded far too much like a repeat of the interviews with the Tories elected to the Welsh Assembly on a ticket of campaigning for its abolition in 1997. The point being that those same tories, having got their feet under the table and their snouts in the trough, were suddenly very much in favour of their plush seats in a hot air pit that costs millions and achieves bugger all.

God forbid that Griffin ever succumbs to the same cosy setup that saw the Kinnocls collect a cool ten million. I had hoped for a little more fighting talk centred round an intent to be a fighter against the increasingly oppressive rule of Brussels by all legal means, but I suppose we must wait to see what actions happen, for in many ways talk is cheap - as Nigel farrage has proven again and again.

However, the interview kept digging up untruth after untruth and ended with yet another go at reviving the "Nick Keeps Two Dogs Called Anne And Frank". How many more times must we put up with these cheap jibes ?