Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Cor Blimey. Whatever will they accuse us of next!

By The Informer

The Daily Trash reports that the latest terrorist threat that we face is from the far right.

It States here

Counter-terrorism chiefs are worried neo-Nazis are plotting a 'spectacular' terrorist attack on Britain to fuel racial tension.
Senior officers have increased their surveillance of suspects to monitor their ability to carry out a deadly attack.

They then go on to say that;

The chilling warning comes after last month's startling gains by the BNP at the recent local and European elections which many fear may 'embolden' Far-Right extremists.
Commander Shaun Sawyer, from the Met's specialist operations wing said: 'I fear that they will have a spectacular ... They will carry out an attack that will lead to a loss of life or injury to a community somewhere. They're not choosy about which community.'

Firstly there is no such thing as the Special Operations Wing, but there is a ‘Command’, and Commander Sawyer is the boss of that command.
However upon managing to get through on the telephone to his office and speaking to a very polite person by dialling 0300 123 1212 I was left in little doubt that they did not know what I was talking about, and would have to ring me back.

Now after serving over 20 years in the old bill I know that they are cautious about what they say on the blower. I also know that they do not make public statements via the press about what enquiries they are carrying out, and that something as monumental as this claim by the Mail, would only be made openly in Parliament.

There are after all proper procedures to be followed.

This is without doubt another crass attempt to frighten the public into believing the BNP to be a terrorist organisation.

There can be no doubt the Police have infiltrated the BNP up to the highest level, or close to it, and will be regularly briefed about the goings-on within the party. This only serves to make the Mail’s allegations even more fairy tale like.

Regarding the threat to Jews in the article, I know many many Jewish who have gone their whole lives without being abused or attacked, and it is well known within Jewish circles that any attacks are most likely to come from the Socialist Workers types who detest the Jews for their wealth status, or unintelligent low life.

There are around 270k Jewish people living in Britain, somewhat less than the population of Coventry. Many of these are in influential jobs and have a lot to protect. By their silence one can take it that nothing adverse is imminent. And I can tell you that they have a better intelligence service that M1 or whatever you want.

If Commander Shaun Sawyer did say what he is quoted as doing, let us see the evidence. If it was just a snippet heard by a nameless reporter, let us know.

Bye the way as I expected, no one has phoned me back from the Met.