Saturday, 18 July 2009

Daily Slug Headlines from Saturday

By the Informer.

I don’t normally pay much attention to this rag, let alone give it credit, but I have to trawl though its daily bigotry as part of my obsession with finding out if the buggers have lied about us again

a) Christian teacher tells of race slurs by pupils aged eight.

b) Sarah Kennedy 'spoken to' by BBC for praising Enoch Powell during Radio 2 show.

c) The Jihad fanatic peddling a message of hate to 11-year-old Londoners (funded by the taxpayer)

d) Revealed: How a public schoolboy was turned into a Muslim terrorist by online hate preachers.

e) Jeweller in race probe over his ban on gipsies after string of raids on his shop.

Well you might look me after reading these articles and wonder what I am on about.

· Have I been on the sauce again with a certain Green chap? .........No.

· Have I finally lost it? ........No.

· Am I on the sauce? .........Not Yet.

Well here is the answer!

If anyone from the British National Party had said any of this stuff we would have been hauled over the coals (if they could find any), and mentioned in dispatches by the snot dripping Gerry Gable. That is the startlingly obvious conclusion.

I have noticed over the last few months that the comments sections in the Slug that more and more people are displaying nationalist tendencies, and giving support to our party. This is even after moderation so it must be true.

Now why is the Slug suddenly displaying such display of honest journalism?

Has the editor taken a truth drug? Have the owners seen such a decline in advertising and readership that they have had to take drastic action.

Well yes of course they have. Not all Britons are as stupid as they thought. People did not believe what they read, and told them so. Hitting them in their pockets or close by where it really hurts.

So thank God. Democracy lives in the Slug readership.