Friday, 10 July 2009

Dear Green Arrow

Nice. You and JohnofGwent should get on famously
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The Green Arrow Banner that is now on the top of this site was send in by Macboy. When I replied thanking him, I also asked him to tell me a bit about himself and why he started to support and then join the British National Party.

I have received the following reply. I have blanked out some information provided..

You can name me as Stuart, or by my screen name of Macboy.

Who am I...

I'm 46, born in Lancashire, I have Welsh, Irish and Scottish blood mixed in with the English from around 3 or 4 generations ago. I have lived in Devon too.

I have made grave stones, worked in factories, assisted teachers at a zoo, taught adults with learning disabilities, worked as a nursing auxiliary in the NHS and for the last 11 years I have been a web designer, (as you know, designer means I do the pictures and layout and general code, while a developer does the backend programming work :) ). I've been made redundant 6 times and know what is like to look for work in bad times.

I moved to Japan after being made redundant the last time and finding it really difficult to get another job. I live in XXXXXX which is halfway between Tokyo and Mount Fuji and I work for a Japanese company two and a half hours away by bicycle and train in Tokyo, owned and staffed by Taiwanese immigrants to Japan. I'm currently only working two days a week as the recession hits Japan for half my pay, it's a good job the tax in Japan is low.

I have a son now aged 25, been divorced and am now married to Tomoko.
I like walking in the mountains, both in the lakes and in Wales, like photography and I own a Harley-Davidson FLSTF Fat Boy. As you can guess by the nickname I switched to Mac 6 years ago and would not own any other computer now, I have 3 Macs.

If you want to know more just ask, I understand that activists have to be careful and that you need to get to know me before you can trust me, it's very much like this among bikers so, just for you here's a link to my online gallery, it's open to the public but it's just family photos, oh and I have cut my hair for the summer and to help get a new job. :)

How did come to Nationalism...

First up I'm very new to Nationalism and need to learn more. If I turn the clock back ten years I would have to say I was disillusioned by politics, I though all politicians were the same and the wrong people for the job, self promotion which you need to get elected means you will think yourself better than the rest of us and lead to corruption, 'pigs at the trough'.

I was a biker when I was young and they have a strong code of ethics, but has I reached my thirties I was taken in with multicultural/green/alternative ideas. I didn't fit in with 'normal' life I am not racist, and not homophobic but I'm not PC either.

I could see were the PC attitude to crime wasn't working, and I could see a lot of difficulties in family life and the changing roles between men and women, to me women wanted equality and most men wanted to do their best to help achieve that. Then somehow it went right out the other side, girls and young women went passed being equal and took on all the bad traits of men!

So we ended up with what has been named 'ladettes'. So here I'm just not fitting in, I'm not quite 'sheeple' and not PC but I didn't want to in anyway be involved with the BNP because they were too far the other way, after all that's what the news told me, they were racist, black haters and nazis.

What made me change my mind? Coming back to Lancashire from less multicultural Devon. My friend at the time owned a garage across the road from a mosque, it was in an old Co-op. One day after Friday prayers we found leaflets on the floor outside the garage telling muslims how the quran says muslims have a duty to bring Sharia law and turn any land where a mosque is built in an islamic country.

That was the first chip at my image of islam. These people were so nice to our faces, but this was obviously what was being taught inside the mosque.

At the time I worked for Asians in Blackburn, three Asian bosses, two Asian employees and three British employees all very multicultural.

Through working there I learned what we see outside and in the news was just a cover. Muslims may sell to outsiders but they only buy from muslims, they have their own 'Yellow Pages' I often though could we have a Christian only Yellow pages.

I was asked to convert a video of some imam preaching about how it was not allowed for any muslim to have motor insurance, in fact any insurance, this really got to me because I have once been hit by a car with no insurance, £3000 of damage to my Harley and no one to pay out!

Then came 9/11 and one of the Asian employees said 'good, America was evil".

Now there was one young but very mature, very kind man who work there, someone I still think very highly of, I said I could believe what had been said, I said 'but what can we do?' His answer, 'Vote BNP.', you
could have knocked me over with a feather, this nice, soft spoken young man, nailed it in one, 'I don't hate anybody, but I don't like what they are doing' he said.

Anyway, life went on and I still thought the BNP were not for me, but I was 'awake' I saw some truths, when I changed jobs, and tried to recruit some new staff for my new company, I was flooded with applications from eastern Europeans, far too well qualified for the job, not quite with the right skills but willing to work for quite low wages. You could see the flood of immigrants in all the applications.

My nice new boss took on one young man, with a degree in computer science as an assistant web designer! I trained him in design and optimising for the web and after a few months I was met at the door and told to go home, I wasn't needed. Bloody hell, I'd just trained someone to take my own job!

By this time I have met my wife and when I couldn't find work in the UK, too many computer people not enough jobs, I did the multicultural/global market thing that we have had promoted to us and 'got on my
bike' and moved to Japan and got a job even though I only speak a little Japanese.

Now that I'm here I still want to keep in touch with my family and to keep up with the news back home so that we can talk about it together. The only thing is that's not good for integration into Japanese life,
it keeps you, well British, we use international banking so that we can earn interest in a British bank, (there's no interest paid in Japan) but really that's not good for Japan. Then of course with using the internet to get news you get exposed to a much wider source of news.

I do try and fit into Japanese life, but quite rightly Japan is a little closed, I'm a Gaijin, a foreigner, it's not meant to be bad, although it can be, it's just a name, like the Japanese way of saying, Mr. Designer, when they know your job, so I can be Mr. Foreigner. Forms and paper work are in Japanese, signs on the road are Japanese and English for all foreigners in Japan.

If I need help with Japanese language I have to get my guarantor in Japan, my wife, to help. That said home life is a little England. Which is what the problem is, I know how easy it is not to fit in, if I had lots of English people living around here I could quite easily not change at all (as it is I don't know any foreigners in Japan) so I now kind of fit in.

Back to those news sources, I started reading about islam, through sites like Jihadwatch, Weaselzippers and Atlas Shrugs, which in turn lead to more UK and European site, Up Pompeii, and Gate of Vienna. Of
course that lead to the BNP site and last but not least Green Arrow (in fact there are more that I visit regularly and regard as my fiends back home).

Over the last four years, while being away from the UK I have seen through fresh eyes, and though other nationalities eyes what is happening in the UK and around the world. I have seen news items on international sites and on blogs never shown on the BBC site or in other newspaper sites in the UK and they have been unknown to my family back in the UK!

The last step I had to take was a big one. My wife, I have a foreign wife! What would the BNP think of me? So I asked, if they are okay they will answer and we will see if we fit together.

I did get answers from the BNP and from a man who appears to be a one man army Green Arrow, I asked question on the GA forum, and in emails and on chatroll, he always gave me a very straight answer, if it wasn't what I wanted to hear, well that's the truth for you.

Luckily the answers were what I needed to know. They put to bed the reservations I had and I found out I wasn't the only one who found modern life 'not quite right'. I'm still not racist or homophobic but I have found that it is okay to want to preserve the native culture of whatever nation you belong to. I have also discovered that many things we think are new, like PC are in fact quite old and political ideas, a Marxist ideas, and ones that will not go away by going out of fashion, we'll have to
stop them.

So during the EU elections I made a donation and nearing the end with all the dirty tricks I though I have to stand up and be counted, so I joined the party. I will do what I can from here in Japan and in around two years I will come back and join the fight on home turf. My life may be harder in the UK, it's easy here but I cannot stand by any longer.

Well, I didn't mean to write so much and I'm sure I changed who I was talking to halfway though. If any of it makes any sense that's way I joined.

Take care kinsman

Thank you for your honest and open reply and giving me permission to publish it. I look forward to meeting both you and your wife when you return home. Perhaps you might like to come and visit for a weekend or so?