Thursday, 30 July 2009

The Patriots - Episode One

One of the frames from the new Patriots comic strip

Right, my good friend Bertie Bert and I thought we would combine our talents and have a go at producing a weekly comic strip.

The result you can see by following this link here for the large screen size, where you will be able to watch Episode One, that is the introduction to the story. You can view the smaller sized version below.

Eventually the comic strip, titled Patriots will be available on the new Home of the Green Arrow site that John of Gwent is working on.

When you have watched the video could you return to this site and leave your comments. Good and Bad. We do not take offence.

If you follow the cartoon, you will meet loads of characters who you may recognize. The bloated Weyheyman Benefit, Iman Stable and Tarka of the UAF.

Amongst the good guys you will find ...........well you will just have to follow the series to see what you see.