Monday, 13 July 2009

Who are The Casuals United?

Right. First off. Who is who in this article.

The EDL and the WDL, respectively are the English Defence League and the Welsh Defence League who appear to have united together under the common banner The Casuals United.

The Casuals United are made up from, shall we say, the more militant supporters from various football clubs around the county who became known as "Firms" back in the 80's due to their internal infrastructures, even down to having business cards printed to pass onto friends and foes alike and are referred to as "Casuals".

One of the driving forces behind The Casuals United is Lionheart, who I always refer to as a true Christian Crusader. Living on the front line in Luton, he was amongst the first to spot the serious danger we are now in because of the invasion and colonisation of Our Country and as been shouting a warning ever since.

Now he and others have mobilised the patriotic feelings that lie deep in all "Casuals" from all "Firms" to unite together to protest about the common threat of Islam to us all.

The Casual Facebook sites that I have read have stated that they are non political and welcome support from all people, of all colours who are also worried about the spread of Sharia Law and Islam. They are equally outraged at the paedopila and the prostituting of our young girls and attacks on our young men by the colonisers who have no wish to integrate and live the British Way of life.

Their activists have already taken part in several protests and there are many more scheduled according to the information provided in the above video and it looks as if they are here to stay for better or worse.

Now I have mixed feelings about this new development in the struggle for Our Country. But it has always seemed to me that it is the cog that squeaks the loudest, always get the most oil. So perhaps it is time that the true British People, including British Citizens did start to make more noise.

Perhaps if we had made more noise in the beginning, we would not now have to start taking to the streets to win Our Land back. And it certainly seems that the politicians who are betraying us, care not one jot what we the people want for Our Country. Only the threat of their removal from the trough of public money motivates them, so perhaps now is the time for both political and street action.

I will be adding a poll to the right of this site to see what you think and as always, welcome your comments.