Sunday, 12 July 2009

South Wales BNP investigate a Local Mosque

In the above video, Roger Phillips for BNP Wales TV, gives a report detailing how young Welsh children aged between 7 and 8 were taken to a Mosque in Bridgend and instructed in the rituals of the Cult of Islam.

The trip was organised by PCSO Martin Trask and former Bridgend town mayor Suleman Hawas, who you may remember is the man who is trying to twin Bridgend with Tripoli, Libya.

During their time at the mosque, the young children were subjected to a number of talks about the Islamic Cult including why they fast (skip a meal). Incidentally, before continuing with article, you might like to see some of the things moslems must avoid during a fast.

* Getting angry
* Using Bad language
* Back biting and gossip
* Arguing and fighting with Muslims.
* Being rude and impolite
* Looking, touching , flirting with non-mehrems of the opposite sex.
* lying and cheating
* Engaging in riba (interest, usury)
* women non wearing Hijab
* men shaving beards and having cloths below ankles
* allying with the enemies of Islam against the Muslims
* promoting Un-Islamic ideologies such as democracy and socialism.
* basically staying away from anything that is haram.

Resuming course. Hawas, then explained a little about the Festival of Eid (Festival of Sacrifice), although he probably did not mention in great detail how all over the Islamic World and in many parts of Our Country, how many animals will have their throats hacked at whilst conscious. Please read this article about Eid.

He then went on to explain the reasons why they use the Islamic Calendar whose date today is Rajab 18, 1430. 1430 is also the date their mind set is working at. Medieval, barbaric and backwards.

Then off to the wash room, where the children were shown how to wash themselves before going to the prayer room, where the children selected mats, shown the direction of Mecca and instructed in the use of submission by pointing their little bums in the air.

Elsewhere in Wales, those areas lucky enough not to have an Islamic HQ's have been visited by mobile mosques that are currently travelling around schools.

By the way, if you want the real reason why moslem women wear the veil, it is because Mohammed was one jealous bastard.

On seeing his beloved wife Aisha attracting the attention of men by her jokes at a banquet, Prophet Mohammed said as Allah’s revelation, ‘When you ask his (the Messenger of God) wives something, do so from behind a curtain.’ ‘He told his wife, Mother of the Believers, ‘From this point on, you may not speak to any man who is not mehrem except through a veil or curtain.
God what pathetic minds the followers of this dead charlatan have.