Sunday, 19 July 2009

A message for the morons of Searchlight/UAF

Taken from one of the red shite sites
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Ok guys. Come on. Shape up. You really are making yourself look stupid now.

Not as stupid as the rabid Zionist Edmund Standing, who produced the work of fiction called The BNP and Online Fascist Network and whose work you have blindly copied about the flag shown in the article about BNP Wales and the Reverend West .

The flag can be seen throughout Wales, though not as frequently as the country's official flag. On St David's Day it often plays a central role in the celebrations, and can be seen flying throughout the nation.

Flag of St David

Did you not think, to do even a basic search on one of the two flags that Wales has? The Red Dragon and The Cross of Saint David. A quick check would have shown you that Welsh Military forces fly this flag as have the Welsh Rugby Team and other sporting and academic bodies.

But no, you numbnuts are incapable of searching for the truth. It is lie, lie, lie and with your fingers crossed behind your backs, you hope that none notices that you LIE. And so you went on and said the Welsh Flag was a copy of a Celtic Cross that was used by fascists. Are you really that barking mad that you believe the shite you write?

Why do you think the only reference to the Green Arrow in the rubbish the Zionist Standing produced, was one lousy comment left by an anonymous poster, probably himself, that I quickly removed.

The truth is I only publish what I know to be true and the creature could find no dirt on this site. Standing is a two bit researcher whose only skill is to cut n paste comments planted by Searchlight and UAF stooges. But you already know that.

But all you cretins have done now is to make me go and dig into just who is behind the new Searchlight allies , the Centre for Social Cohesion(CST).

And what do I find. Well quite a bit and I also see that 21st Century British Nationalism have already put the slimy slug, Edmund Standing back in his play pen and listed some of the motley crew who run the CST.

So who employs Standing, why the self proclaimed Zionist Douglas Murray
In 2005 he published a defence of neoconservatism, Neoconservatism: Why We Need It and undertook a related promotional tour of the United States. During the course of this tour he gave an interview to the New York Sun in which he outlined his "instinctive" support for Israel and was dubbed a "self-described neoconservative and Zionist" as well as "Britain's only neoconservative."[9]
Well I think that about sums it up really doesnt it? We can see exactly where the CST are coming from and probably who their paymasters are. The same ones who would destroy Our Country who support and fund both Searchlight and the UAF through the trade unions and childrens charities.

Mind you I did like the way that Standings crew also accused me of being a "Denier". Well that made me laugh. Dropped the holocaust word now have we? Rascist lost its meaning?

I have never denied the holocaust and to be brutally honest I am sick to death of hearing about a terrible period of time in World history, being used as a weapon against anyone who stands against The Establishment. I am grateful to Battle for Britain for posting the following video.

"Well it is a trick. We always use it."

And don't you just. Just for the record, this site has repeatedly said that it accepts the right for Israel to survive as a nation. It has also said that although some of the methods that Israel uses in the form of discrimination against the Arab people is wrong but it is nothing to do with Our Country. As for the holocaust. I do not know how many died and to be honest I am more worried about the genocide of the white people that is currently taking place in Western Europe.

One thing is for sure, neither the Jews nor the Western World will survive should Islam be allowed to triumph.