Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Things I would rather do than

God but I loath this revolting pair

That is the trouble is with the Chairman of the British National Party, Nick Griffin MEP. He is sometimes too much of a gentleman at times.

Take his response to a jerk from The Slime Times as to whether he was upset not to receive an invitation from the Cymru Cow herself, Baroness Kinnock to tomorrows welcoming reception for British MEPs.

My admiration for Our Chairman shot up by a factor of 10, when he replied accurately:
“I would choke on canapes and cocktails with Glenys Kinnock!

“She is a political prostitute, it’s as simple as that. She and her husband started off their careers as staunch anti-common market campaigners but now they don’t only have their noses in the trough, they are actually in it, up to their necks.”

And so would I rather choke. In fact I would have gone further and said that I would prefer to drink Tara Hewitts stale urine then drink or eat in the same room as the rich (at your expense) bitch from Wales.

And although a peaceful man with usually iron control, I am not sure I could be within spitting distance of her leech of an husband, the grinning clown who was rejected by the British electorate, without telling him what a bloody lying, hypocrite he is and how I hope one day to dance on his grave.

When we win, I hope that a British National Party government strips this treasonous pair of their undeserved titles and throws them out of Our Country. They are not wanted back in Wales that is for sure or any of their blood sucking brats.

One bright note about their return, for me at least, such is my complete loathing for this poisonous pair, that I look forward to ripping them to bits every other day on this site because that pair are top of my Welsh shit list.

Sorry about the language.