Friday, 17 July 2009

BNP Councillor Cleared. Of what? Nothing.

Right, it is good new that British National Party Councillor, Brian Parker has been cleared of all charges after being arrested in November of last year for handing out perfectly legal BNP leaflets but what is not so good, is that it took eight months to for the police to drop the charges. 

Charges the police knew to be false.  They knew 3 months prior to the arrest, that the leaflets being handed out had already been looked at by the Crown Prosecution Service and were legal but that did not stop them breaking the law they are supposed to uphold.

Consider this, our councillor was imprisoned for 24 hours  and unfairly treated during his time in captivity for handing out legal leaflets and then bailed four times before being cleared.   Councillor Parker said:
The police took a very heavy-handed a approach to my arrest and with no evidence, their only aim was to inconvenience my life for as long as possible. They took several items from my possession, such as computers and mobile phones, and these were not returned for eight months, which was unacceptable."
And was there an apology from the political police whose job now is to try and make the life of British National Party activists a misery in the hope that it will stop faint hearts?  Of course not. 

Instead, we had this nasty and evil little statement from those, who criminals and now decent people also refer to as "the filth".
"currently insufficient evidence to prove a realistic prospect of conviction."
There was no evidence.  There was no crime.  There could be no conviction.  But still they try to imply that there was. 

Councillor Parker, showing the true spirit of the British National Party, that of a True Brit and a free thinking individual said:
"We will still put leaflets out and if the police get upset by the uncomfortable truth, then that is their problem and not ours. We are not doing anything wrong."
Well done Councillor.  We are proud of you and your kinsmen who were also arrested for doing your duty to Our Country.