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The First Afghan War. A lesson not learned.

The last stand of of Her Majesty's 44th Foot at Gandamak

Originally posted August 2007 - Nothing changes - only the death toll.

I suppose with the removal of History from the eduction of our people, it is hardly surprising that we can learn no lessons from a past we are ignorant about.

Searching the net for the origins of a couple of streets in my village, namely Inkerman Row and Alma Street, I came across this really superb site that you MUST visit after reading this post. You can also find the reason why those names were given to remote streets in South Wales. But I was diverted into writing the following.

Whilst browsing through Our Past, all thoughts of writing about Peter Hain and his involvement with Rhodesia and terrorism forgotten, I took a look at the link to the First Afghan War. I know the title of the post gave the game away but there you go.

I found the following lesson that we could and should have learned from history. A painful lesson that could have saved hundreds of our servicemen's lives had we but heeded it.

  • The First Afghan War provided the clear lesson to the British authorities that while it may be relatively straightforward to invade Afghanistan it is wholly impracticable to occupy the country or attempt to impose a government not welcomed by the inhabitants. The only result will be failure and great expense in treasure and lives.
  • The British Army learnt a number of lessons from this sorry episode. One was that the political officers must not be permitted to predominate over military judgments.
  • The War provides a fascinating illustration of how the character and determination of its leaders can be decisive in determining the morale and success of a military expedition.
  • It is extraordinary that officers, particularly senior officers like Elphinstone and Shelton, felt able to surrender themselves as hostages, thereby ensuring their survival, while their soldiers struggled on to be massacred by the Afghans.
In this post addressed to servicemen,l wrote about the illegality of our troops being in that God forsaken land that has swallowed up troops from bigger armies then ours.

Russia, not known for its humane behaviour during war time, was forced to pull out of Afghanistan with its tail between its legs. And so shall we also be forced to leave the same way.

Better that, than be there for the decades our traitorous, uncaring government has committed us to. Better that, than lose even one more of our precious servicemen.

Dr Brydon arrives at Jellalabad, the last survivor of
an army of 16,500 soldiers and civilians

If we do not leave soon, then one day, we also, can expect a modern day Dr Brydon bringing us equally bad news. News that will call us all to grieve.

Only the British National Party would bring Our Boys home within 24 hours of forming a government. If you want to save a serviceman then you had better think about voting BNP. We have lost too many young men already.

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Who has the guts to pull out?

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Celtic Morning said...

The Thin Red Line. The Contemptible Little Army. Famous phrases used to describe our troops at various times in our history. But have we ever had so small and ill equipped an Army as we have now? We have punched above our weight for too long and cant go on doing it. The army boss has just stated the obvious telling the government that we are overstretched when we have known that for a long time.We are wasting our time in Afghanistan, wasting the lives of our troops for political face saving and thats not a good enough reason.Russia failed with their immense resources,they thought it would be easy and found out their error the hard way,withdrawing in humiliation.History tells us that the Afghan people cannot be conquered or even subdued for very long. Get out asap and let them get on with their lives as they wish.It may not be our way but who cares? And then, if we really want to destroy the poppy crop, fly over it and spray it as the USA did with the jungles of Viet Nam.If we have to fight, let it be on our terms,not theirs,with air assault,not troops on the ground.Truth is that we dont want to destroy their crop,western governments have no real interest in solving the drug problem or they would have certainly done it by now.