Monday, 6 July 2009

Green Arrow Sitrep

So far, so good

Right, gotta be quick as I really would like to get some other articles out, that hopefully, will lead to people joining the resistance called the British National Party.

At the moment, it seems to me at least, that there is a lull in the fighting. The attacks from the MSM seem to have slackened off. Now that is maybe because the Euro Elections are done and dusted or because they are preparing a fresh onslaught. Either way, that should not stop us attacking them whenever we can. In fact we should now start really wading into them.

But first a situation report(Sitrep) on the state of play on the Green Arrow front.

As you can see from the top image, the numbers of visitors to the site continues to grow. OK it is not massive growth but the figures are rising on a monthly basis. During the few hot days we recently had, readership dropped slightly and to be honest, I was glad to see that.

Even the battle hardened activists of the British National Party need a break now and again. Besides reading sites like Green Arrow can seriously depress you so activists need to be rested or else they will suffer burn out. Not good for them and not good for the Party or the Country.

However what did please the Friends of the Green Arrow, was the number of past articles(pages) that are being viewed during visits. I have always despaired over the fact that some of the seriously researched work produced by Mister Fox, the passionate articles of Sarah: Maid of Albion, the warnings of Reconquista and the work of our other writers will just fade into memory. The chart shows they are not. New readers are discovering them and that is encouraging. More about this subject later.

Next target - the magic Top List

The next image is of this sites Alexa rating as of 06:50 today and those figures are also encouraging for the writers and those who help keep the Green Machine rolling.

To me the key figures are the three monthly ones. But the 7 day avg is also good to see. The site has come a long way since I first started looking at the Alexa figures. Then, the sites average rating, was somewhere about 2,500,000 mark.

I will not bore you with details of the continued attacks upon myself and the Green Arrow sites from the state sponsored political thugs of the UAF, most of you know about those already. The site does occasionaly get some satisfaction from winding them up. But to be honest they are now almost an irelevance, their threats posted on their shite sites just encourages people who visit them to call in on the GA site, where they can read the truth. So I suppose they serve a positive purpose in a way.

Incidentally, if you would like to help the GA site climb the Alexa ratings tree, then if you have a Firefox browser you can add an Alexa toolbar to it by following this link here. Do I use it? Sometimes, when connection is good - I have found it can have a speed impact at dial up speed but if you have broadband you will be fine.

Now before I inform you of some future plans for the GA sites, a little bit about the Green Arrow Forum. A part of the Green Arrow network, that I do not spend enough time at because of other commitments. It really is an excellent site and those who continue to keep it going are doing Our Country a service.

I have recently removed all the dead and red accounts and the membership stands at 399. On an average day over 100 people read the articles and news links posted. So large now is the database of information on all subjects from not just Our Country but from around the world gathered that it is truly a mine of information and I recommend that people join it, contribute and link it.

Both the UK Enrichment News and the Liars, Buggers and Thieves sites are visited regularly by those interested in learning about the crimes being commited against the true British People and about the corrupt ways of the councillors of The Establishment Parties. However we do need information to populate and update these sites and so links to news stories for either are always welcome and should be sent to

Now there is much more information about the situation I could mention but time is moving on and there is other work to be done.

So what are the plans for the GA site? Well just as the British National Party is evolving, so to must the Green Arrow site evolve and become more professional and better.

One of my biggest worries is that being a blog, not everything is under our control. With that in mind, a Green Arrow domain name has been purchased and the site will be moving to a secure server as soon as time permits.

The new Friends of the Green Arrow will in effect become an online magazine. It will have a rolling news area, a unique place for all the Friends of the Green Arrow writers to post their articles and ensure that all their work is availbale for the sites readers to find easily and lots more besides. Other than Patriotic Products, it will carry no advertising, except for banners to Patriotic sites who support the British National Party.

The site will be more outspoken in speaking the truth. It will not just report the news but it will also state what it beliefs should be done. It will also report what Nationalist Partys policies are with regards to specific news items.

The site will actively seek out comments from British National Party spokesmen around the country and also comments from individuals mentioned in articles.

When the new site believes that something is wrong, it will say so. It will question everyone and everything. It will not be a puppet site - it will always be a Patriot Site. You have my word on that.