Thursday, 23 July 2009

Lee Jasper and the UAF

By whatever means necessary

The following is a transcript of some of the words spoken by the professional black activist, Lee Jasper of the UAF earlier this month.

"We have a moral and political responsibility to rid the North West of the scourge of Nick Griffin, Nick Griffin and the BNP

Thats our responsibility. We are committing it here today that we are going to leave here and do whatever it takes by whatever means necessary in order to achieve that objective. For whatever happens, I'm not interested in the democracy of these elections because he represents frankly nobody but his filthy fascist ideology. I'm not interested in what democratic legitimacy he thinks he has he doesnt represent the people the good people of the North West."

And still, despite the clear statement of intent to commit violence in the above video, David Cameron is still a major supporter of the criminal UAF.

Why not send the link and the text to your MP and ask them what they make of it.

Some interesting "honey thighs" and "corruption" stories about Lee can be found here.

And what did Lee mean by the following:

And it is no use organisations like Searchlight starting to concede to racism by talking about Asian Men grooming young white girls in Bradford giving that a --garbled --

Don't tell me Imin Sane and Dreylon Bonnett have fallen out again?