Saturday, 25 July 2009

Future Shock (apologies to Alvin Toffler)

By Albion

If the grand plan for Europe does eventuate I feel it will be quite unlike the world of Orwell’s 1984. In Orwell’s book we are immediately transported into his bizarre world the moment we read the first page. Here over a period of time we are witnessing the complicated chess moves towards the creation of another bizarre world. I have previously said it will be unlike Orwell’s world although I believe it will have similarities.

George Orwell’s world was not achieved by a takeover of his fictitious country by conspiring heads of foreign governments; ours is.

In Orwell’s world people were controlled by lies perpetrated by the ministry of truth and by the belief the country was in a continual state of war, thus the people were in a perpetual state of fear. People looked to their government for protection. I feel a sense of déjà vu here.

With 4, 5 million, yes million, CCTV cameras, total surveillance of the people is assured and meekly accepted. I realise due to successive governments suicidal policies we have become an extremely violent and congested society but 4.2 million cameras. COME ON!!!

If the slow, creeping but seemingly inevitable nightmare scenario does take place it is nigh on impossible to imagine what life will be like in this strange new world.

If Eurabia becomes one entity, then it must have only one government, it is one tribe, one people, one nation, possesses one parliament, one currency, one justice system, one police force, one army all answerable to its own departments but all totally loyal without question to one centralised agency comprising a collection of ministries. Orwell’s world had four ministries.

As we observe, this brave new world is being jig-sawed into place right now. Obviously it cannot be achieved without the collusion of heads of all other governments.

When a supposedly democratic government like ours employs, funds and supports a small ragged communist inspired group of vicious thugs with the sole purpose of disrupting the activities of a political party whom the government sees as a threat then I do not see great deal of distinction between them and the Mugabe regime or Iran’s use of vicious state sponsored thugs to quell opposition to the mad Ayatollah.

So one must ask why would politicians of countries drawn into this quagmire willingly do so, and at the same time be willing to sacrifice their own people and country. That had me baffled. that is the ultimate betrayal.

When politicians likeMandy’ Mandelson almost prostrates himself offering this country up to the European Union of Socialist States and Regions (EUSSR) and likewise Jack Straw who does not hide his hatred for this country, although I am well aware he is Jewish so it comes as no surprise there could an absence of loyalty to this country, then reasoning brings me to only one conclusion.

Think about it, what drives ambitious men on, and here for the sake of political correctness I also include women. Simple, it is wealth followed by power. Power itself can create wealth, and wealth can create power, ask Rupert Murdoch. In most cases power can also bring political standing by design or by accident.

There are of course varying degrees of power and here I refer to political power. It might be at the highest level of government or buried deep within local government where a nondescript person has little political standing but can still wield a great deal of influence over the minions beneath him.

There is a New World Order being created, a new order that Brown chatters incessantly about and it is an opportune time for politicians of all persuasions to jump onto the bandwagon as the rewards are far too great for them to ignore. The rewards? Power, wealth and political standing, they are very aware there is a new order being put in place and being blindly driven by the belief that if it is inevitable then they want a piece of the action.

Those who have most to gain are pushing the hardest.

A large group of mainly young people are at this very moment being trained to take the reins of the civil service of this new order. It goes by the nondescript name of ‘Common Purpose an apt title indeed as it does have a common purpose. They will in time supervise the day to day operations of the various departments and ministries.

Where do we, the ordinary people fit in? I am afraid the news is not good. The amalgamation of the countries of Europe is not its final aim. I am sure the tentacles will encompass much of Asia, North Africa and the Middle East.

In the future don’t even imagine yourself being referred to as English, Irish or Welsh or Scots, those days are already gone. At the moment you are British, all of you. England relinquished it sovereignty and nationhood in 1972. Brussels is happy with this temporary arrangement. An Asian, a Congolese or a Jamaican is as British as you; you have no God given prior ancestral right to this land. The very idea of nationalism and patriotism will be destroyed. In its initial form we will all be Europeans, regardless of colour, creed or ethnicity.

If you want to factor in where Islam fits into this New Order then that is a subject for some-one more knowledgeable than myself to write about.

Elections as we understand them will cease to exist, although one will be able to vote for political applicants for minor positions within the Federation.

Like the old USSR THE STATE IS SUPREME YOU CANNOT VOTE THE STATE OUT. As a shareholder you can vote out the board but you cannot vote out the company. Can the Chinese people vote out their government can the Burmese people vote out the Generals?

The Union of Europe is a misnomer. I cannot really write at length about its final structure, it is beyond even my fertile imagination.

One day in the future the wearing of your country’s emblem on your t-shirt will constitute an offence, as will any symbols that hint of racial identity. Any criticism of this Brave New World will also be a criminal offence. The inhabitants of the Federation will be one nation of Proles. Political prisoners will be the norm rather than the exception.

The monarchy like castles will be a relic of a bygone era, bulwarks that once protected the British people.

The traitors in our midst that are selling our country along with its people will be assured of top positions within the New World Order and untold wealth in a world even testing George Orwell’s imagination.