Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Time for the BNP now to tell the people the truth

Johnson - A mad marxist who will help destroy us all

Most British National Party activists think they know the truth about what is happening to Our Country and why. But in reality only a tiny minority are really close to understanding the whole truth. Even fewer, those like Nick Griffin really know the whole truth and have finally joined all the dots.

When those of us who are a bit more politically aware than others, see unchecked immigration, they think that it is just a part of the New World Orders plan to level the world for the benefit of international business in an unholy alliance with a form of global marxism.

And to a certain extent, they are correct but the rabbit hole is much deeper than that. The next step towards discovering the real truth is to understand that the next part of the great levelling down is the swamping of Western Europe with imported people to replace the native white people in the same way that China moved millions of Han Chinese into Xinjiang to replace the native Uighurs.

Phil "Gurkha" Woolas - Sonderkommando

Our so called Leaders are not Leaders at all. They are puppets of the New World Order who are very well rewarded for their treason, not just towards Our Country but also the white race. They are like the Jewish Sonderkommando who worked in the Nazi Concentration camps
At Auschwitz, the Sonderkommandos had better physical conditions than other inmates; they had decent food, slept on straw mattresses and could wear normal clothing. Sonderkommandos were divided into several groups, each with a specialized function. Some greeted the new arrivals, telling them that they were going to shower prior to being sent to work. They were obliged to lie, telling the soon-to-be-murdered prisoners that after the delousing process they would be assigned to labor teams and reunited with their families.
An example of the Labour Sonderkommando lying to us, the inmates on our, now a prison island are the statements made by Immigration Minister Phil Woolas who has made a worthless pledge that the Government will not allow "Immigration" to Our Country go beyond 70 million.

The optimum number of people that can be sustained in the UK, as been put at 37 million people. With those numbers, the Country is capable of producing enough food to feed its native population. But that is a subject for debate for another time.

But so far along now is the plan of the globalist/marxist alliance and such is their arrogance and confidence in their mad wet dream, that some of them no longer even lie to the public.

Phil Woolas's boss, the Home Secretary, Alan Johnson has refused point blank to cap the number of colonisers coming here to displace us, the native Britons. He hates you, he hates me. We are sheep, we do not understand. We must be replaced.
Speaking at the Home Affairs Select Committee, Mr Johnson said he would not bring in a cap because it would harm the economy, claiming the argument that immigration had made a contribution to the economy was 'irrefutable'.

'I do not lie awake at night worrying about a population of 70million,' he told the cross-party group of MPs.

'I'm happy to live in a multi-cultural society. I'm happy to live in a society where we not only welcome those coming to live and work in this country, but also where we can go and live and work in other countries.'

No of course the traitor Johnson will not lie awake worrying about a population of 70 million. It is what he wants and besides he will never live amoungst the people. But read that last sentence in his statement again, for I shall return to it in a short while.

Johnson is the perfect tool for the New World Order, he is a committed Communist and atheist. A marxist, who although ideologically in tune with the Communist Party, along with a host of other Labour Politicians realised that the way to power was not through standing under their true flag, the banner of blood that is painted red by the deaths of over 100 million people but by joining the Labour Party. Being an atheist, he has no fear of retribution in an after life. Well let the Christians amoungst us pray that he is wrong and that he rots in hell for his treason against his own people.

Like Moslems, communists are insane. Their minds are warped and they do not see the truth. They see a fluffy bunny world and by God the workers are going to live in it, no matter how many they have to kill to see they do.

And now we go back to the "last sentence" I asked you to remember, because whilst we are no where near the end of the rabbit hole, we are certainly about to enter a major part of the rabbit warren.

Well take a break, go make a coffee - I am again out of it but fortunately I have a couple of cans and shall have one to quench my thirst whist you go make it.

Back? Good. Now the next piece of this article, you will have to take on trust, if you are already not aware of what I am about to write. I do not have the time or inclination to provide the links but can do if pushed. Now back to that "last sentence" by Johnson.
"I'm happy to live in a society where we not only welcome those coming to live and work in this country, but also where we can go and live and work in other countries.'
When my blogging and routine tasks for the day are done and all emails answered, I start my other self imposed task of digging into the warren of evil. I do it by trawling through the documents of government agencies and the European Union. The truth is all there for those of you prepared to look but it is difficult to find and is well hidden away from the eyes of the world.

The European documents I have seen make it quite clear that they do not just wish for "free movement" within the enslaved states of the EU but also World Wide free movement with no borders.

The fact that the EU has opened up job centres in North Africa should start ringing the alarm bells in the most densest of people. Since when as Somalia been part of the EUSSR?

What benefits do the colonisers bring to Our Country? None. You know it. The answer is none. And if you think that they were brought here just to claim benefits then you would be wrong. They are being brought here for another purpose. To destroy us, to replace us. Not tomorrow, not next week, not even next year. But certainly within a few decades.

The New World Order plan is a compliation of short, medium and long term plans.

Just as Nationalists before us laboured away knowing that they would never see the final victory, they still worked away tirelessly for those who would come after them as you and I work away now.

The long term plan for the White People with their own Nation States is genocide. Not in gas chambers but by slow replacement. The truth is, that white people are natural free thinkers with independant minds. Minds that have dreams and ideas and beliefs in certain principles. They are not a race that is easily controlled. They do not fear authority and they do not respect fools. That is enough to condemn them to extinction.

At this moment in time, our greatest asset as Nationalists is the heroic Nick Griffin. When he gets the opportunity to speak on TV, the people listen and understand because when he speaks, he speaks for the people. His statements about rather choking than be found in the company of the vampires called Kinnock rang a bell with the people. He said what they know to be true. The Kinnocks are pigs whose snouts are not just in the trough but their bloated bodies also.

In my opinion, now is the time for Nick Griffin to tell the truth about what is really happening to Our Country. I think it is something he should do sooner rather than later, because life is short and you never know what is around the corner or might be under the bonnet of your car.