Saturday, 11 July 2009

The BNP Chronicle is dead. Long live the British Nationalist.

Well it is a depressing day again but there is one tiny ray of sunshine and that is the fact that there is a new website called the British Nationalist.

And it has an excellent pedigree. The BNP Chronicle, which reported on all news and activities concerning the British National Party from around the Country. A truly superb site, which when it announced its closing really saddened me but they did what they considered to be right and made the following statement before closing down:
For some time the site has been in violation of party rules regarding the use of its copyrighted symbol, and naming.

Now we have moved up the political leagues, it is more important than ever that we adhere to party rules.

I will be leaving the site dormant, as it is a valuable resource. Thank you for reading and participating via comments and polls.

All the best.
Mike & Duncan

Now I have very strong feelings about this matter, which no doubt, I will write about in the future in great depth. I mentioned the BNP once but I think I got away with it.

Now, one of the reasons that I would miss the BNP Chronicle for, was its remembrance page of all the British National Party activists who have passed on. I thought it was a wonderful tribute to our missed brothers and sisters in the Party.

But besides that, it was a mine of information, providing not just news but also BNP contact details from around the country and links to other BNP supporting sites.

Now the guys who ran the site were good. They knew what they were doing. They encouraged sites to be more competitive and professional and I am sure if they had continued they would soon have had more followers than the Green Arrow. And that would have pleased me actually. The more good sites the better.

Well now the boys are back in town, in the shape of the British Nationalist and it is looking good. Very good. I can see that the Green Arrow team are going to have to up their act - which is good for the site and the readers.

So Good Luck British Nationalist, just one request. Please keep the Roll of Honour page rolling, so I can link to it.

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