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Establishment Persecution of the Jews 2009 Style

Trevor Phillips, head of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission

By Nemesis

(On 8 September 2006, Trevor Phillips was announced as the chair of the new
Commission for Equality and Human Rights (CEHR), which will take over the work of Britain's three existing equality commissions in 2007 - the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE), the Disability Rights Commission (DRC) and the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC)).

The wake of the 2009 political elections revealed that the fragile gossamer of media deceit about the British National Party was going into meltdown. The indigenous British people were beginning to realise what the truth really was with around a million voters supporting the policies of the B.N.P.

The attack upon the only British political party to stand for TRUE DEMOCRACY faltered big time when the true make up of the B.N.P. became more widely acknowledged from November 2008. The media attacks upon the party such as on the grounds of anti- Semitism was becoming annulled. The annulment left much egg upon the faces of the once smug ignoramuses that scuttled behind the media scenes for their political masters. The anti- Semitic accusations made against the British National Party became to be seen as groundless as members of the party and officials were known to be followers of the religious faith of Judaism.

The recent success of the B.N.P. has prompted more intense attacks to be made upon it. The leader of the organisation of the Commission for Equality and Human Rights Trevor Phillips abuses his position of power as he dances to the political tune of his masters. The Human Rights Commissioner or more appropriately in his case Commissar has initiated an attack upon the Jews based upon race in a case where the matter is merely religious. The attack made by the organisation controlled by Trevor Phillips targets both the faith of Judaism and the democratic development of the British National Party under the pretext of race.

On the 25th June 2009 the Telegraph reported a case where the C.E.H.R. chaired by Trevor Phillips had taken legal action in a matter related to religion on grounds of race.
Three judges held that the entry criteria at JFS, formerly the Jews’ Free School, in Brent. north west London, racially discriminated against the boy referred to as M. The boy's father is Jewish by birth, but his mother is Jewish by conversion conducted at a Progressive rather than an Orthodox synagogue and therefore not recognised by the office of the Chief Rabbi (O.C.R.), Dr Jonathan Sacks. It is a basic principle that a child is not recognised by the OCR and other bodies as Jewish unless his or her mother is Jewish"
The irrational attack upon the faith of Judaism carried out under the pretext of race exposes the true nature and intentions of people like Trevor Phillips. The dilemma that has developed is the result of religious protocol and has nothing to do with race. The Jewish religion comprises of members from a multitude of races exposing the fact that people are not barred from Judaism on grounds of race. The boy was barred from religious entry because his mother was not officially Jewish, a religious issue, not racial. A second argument could be raised based on gender but this has not been done.

If the father and mother were of the same race the racial argument would fall flat on its face proving beyond doubt that non- eligibility was caused by religion not race. It should be noted that this issue came to its conclusion just over two weeks after the British National Party’s 2009 election victories.

The second pronged attack made by Commissar Phillips against the indigenous British people was in the attack upon the British National Party … a party that has Jewish members.
The attack like the judgement on Jewish membership criteria also involved B.N.P. membership criteria and came within a couple of weeks of the British National Party 2009 election victories
“24 June 2009: The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has made it clear that Britain's far-right British National Party, with “all white membership" can face a legal challenge to its membership rules and constitution, as these may breach the racial discrimination laws. It said the BNP must provide written undertakings by July 20 that it would make changes to its criteria, or face a legal injunction”.
It appears discriminatory why Trevor Phillips would attack the B.N.P. on these grounds while there are many black only institutions that bar entry to whites … why does Mr Phillips not pursue these avenues? It could be that Mr Phillips does not know the definition of the word EQUALITY despite the role he PLAYS … or is it because he is nothing more than a political puppet pandering to the whims of the Plutocracy for his own selfish gratification?

The attack upon the B.N.P. is politically motivated and obviously negatively unfairly prejudicial towards the indigenous British people. However, it should be noted that again it is not race that determines the criteria for acceptable B.N.P. membership … it is not even colour. A white person of differing race would be eligible to join and a darkly tanned indigenous Britain would not be barred. The membership criteria limitations are based on cultural issues not race or colour … cultural issues that threaten to undermine and destroy the very foundations of the British way of life.

The third irrational attack involving Judaism and the B.N.P. came in the wake of the attacks upon Jewish religious membership criteria and B.N.P. political membership criteria.

It was alleged in the publication that, despite B.N.P. Jewish membership and Jewish B.N.P. officials being in the Party, that the B.N.P. was anti- Semitic!!! Obviously here they have printed what they know to be untrue or is our media in the hands of Plutocratic controlled halfwits? The nature of the attack upon Judaism by Trevor and his gang suggests that both cases probably apply.

The British National Party 2009 victories have sent the rats scuttling around the sinking ship looking frenziedly for a way to safety … they are discovering there is no safety off the ship and that it is sinking. The irrational and unsuccessful attacks made against the B.N.P. and its supporters serves to expose the vulnerability and weakness of the arrant iniquity against which the B.N.P. stands.

Organisations such as the C.E.H.R. are under puppeteer political control. The suspected reprobates like the puppet Trevor Phillips appears to have sold out the indigenous British people and more damning in his case his own brothers and sisters … I wonder if Trevor has thrown his thirty pieces of silver away yet … I am sure there are many B.N.P. members who would like to assist him in the next step by supplying him with a rope. The guy appears to be a hideous anti- thesis to the apt man for the job at C.E.H.R. and a sad disappointment in the expectations of a human paragon of virtue.

A Brief History of British Jewish Persecution

The avid historians amongst us are aware of the tales that surround the German persecution of the Jew in the 1930s through into the 1940s. Despite the fact that the persecution of the Jew had been going on for hundreds of years prior to the 1900s it was the twentieth century period that is mostly synonymous with Jewish persecution.

The persecution of the Jew prior to this period is not often highlighted, as it does not fit in with the political Plutocratic agenda of the European post World War Two period. In Britain Jews regardless of age or gender were attacked and murdered in 1189 and later in York in 1190 after treacherously being lured from a castle keep in which they had sought sanctuary.

The Jews were expelled in 1290 from Britain during the reign of Edward the 1st an edict that was enforced until 1655. On the initiation of the 1290 expulsion of the Jews from Britain false promises of safe passage were made as in York but many of the Jews were subsequently murdered and robbed en route.

In the plays of Shakespeare we find in The Merchant of Venice the merchant Shylock is portrayed as a Jewish physically reprehensible character and reprobate.

In the work of Charles Dickens we find the character Fagan is portrayed as a Jew also in a despicable mode. In the case of Jack the Ripper in the 1880s there were unsubstantiated connotations of Jewish involvement.

The persecution of the Jew in Britain is no innovation and has been a social infamous reality for hundreds of years. The persecution of the Jew has been the in thing for a long time … a sort of childish vogue that is employed when a scapegoat is required or when the truth needs to be masked.

The irrational persecution of the Jew has continued for hundreds of years and did not begin in Germany in the middle of the twentieth century. The Germans merely adopted a policy that by that time had been well played out.

Oddly, significant Jewish persecution took place under the regime of Joseph Djagashvili (Stalin) in Russia also in the middle of the twentieth century but this affair usually remains silent, as was Russia’s involvement in the 1939 invasion of Poland the supposed cause of the Second World War.

The financial success of the Jew came to be their downfall once their financial role had been played out. The Jew also became confused with the Plutocrat as many financially successful Jews fell into this category, as did non Jews.

The Jews technically were not a race but a number of races that held fast to the religious faith of Judaism. The Jews were called such merely because of their religious faith. The persecution of the Jew was often based upon their success and religiously motivated cultural methods by which they obtained their success. Their strength and success came from their religion.

However, any attack made upon a Jew merely because they were Jewish is an attack made upon the grounds of religion and therefore could not have been a racially motivated attack. The cultural difference of the Jew is religiously not racially motivated as found in Catholicism; modes of concept that are the products of religion not race.



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