Saturday, 18 July 2009

"The number of false claims identified as a result of the surveillance has not been made public."

by johnofgwent

Now I heard about this driving home yesterday and it's a bloody good job it was a pleasant afternoon up to that moment because otherwise I would have gone and found some government spokestosser to disembowel as painfully as possible.

It seems according to this BBC news web page that the Ministry of Defence is covertly spying on the people lucky enough to come back from Blair's illegal wars with only bits missing, rather than being in a coffin. Spying on them to make sure they are truly as maimed as they claimed in their compensation award paperwork.

£10,000 in expenses to repair his stately home's windows ...
and the cost of the insurance for his antiques

So we have the odious situation that this man, Quentin Davies, a fine example of the lard-stuffed greased pigs that currently frequant the halls of Westminster, and a Minister of Defence to boot, is not only happpily ripping us off to the tune of £10,000 for repairs to his rather nice family home, and also forcing us to meet the bill for insuring his antiques, but he is complcit in the secretive manner in which his department is spending money to see if soldiers like 25 year old paratrooper Ben Parkinson were secretly trying to make a bit on the side auditioning for a midfield position in Tottenham Hotspur or some such.

To be fair, even before Sky Sports turned football into a circus, to get anywhere in a "tryout" for a team was quite something, and I confess that were the former proud member of our armed forces to actually achieve such a position now I would be quite amazed. For Ben Parkinson has a slight problem in the football playing department on account of his being deprived of the use of both legs courtesy of an Afghan Land Mine.

Jesus Christ.

I'm sorry. I apologise to our dog-collared candidate for Norwich in advance but I am going to say it again.

Jesus (insert several blasphemous expletives and a few anglo saxon ones too) Christ.

It is not enough that these walking lumps of shite in suits demand our young men and women go out and risk death and mutilation fighting a war for which there was no need.

It is not enough that they are sent there ill equipped by people who have not the slightest intention to do anythingto improve their lot, or their conditions.

It is not enough that the lucky ones get flown back to this country to be spat at and abused by women wearing letterboxes in Birmingham hospitals.

It is not enough that ever more of them are returning to this country in order to be laid to rest six foot under its soil.

No, it is not enough. Our lard-strewn Ministers, eager to do something to make ends meet, have decided they must spend money paying for covert surveillance to ensure soldiers injured in this war are not pulling a fast one.

Now I do not doubt that in Gordon Brown's Britain the paperwork to make such a claim for injury on active service is awesome, quintuplicate, and filled with such gobbledegook that no-one likely to need to make a claim would be able to understand it. That is, after all, Gordon's way of doing things. Look at Working Families and Pension Tax Credits for example. Plus the fact that the Chancellor needs to hire an accountant to fill in his tax return - at our expense of course - is just another example of Britain Gone Mad.

No, I have little doubt that mistakes have been made.

But to make the outrageous claims that they do make, that these measures are saving millions of pounds, means in my book that the Ministry of Defence must now hold up just one example, publish one name of someone who had been found to be deliberately defrauding the system.

After all, that person is guilty of fraud, and fraud of the most despicable kind, taking funds that would otherwise have been available to add to the amounts given tho those genuinely maimed in combat.

But you see I think this is all a load of bollox. I really do. For a start I would like to think that any such low-life cheat would be taken out and dealt with by his former fellow men and officers long before any "covert surveillance" was needed. Such people in my opinion debase the memory of their fallen comrades and spit on their fellow wounded comrades in combat.

Sorry Quentin I cannot let you sit on your well larded arse in your plush home while your department makes these scurrilous accusations about decent men and women your department sent out, some to their deaths and others to the confinement of a wheelchair for the rest of thei days.

Time to put up some named to justify your outrageous behaviour and claims, or shut up after making a public apology and immediate resignation for having the gall to lie to us.