Thursday, 9 July 2009

Police give go ahead for thugs to target RWB

The political police, that only now serves their marxist masters and no longer the people, have effectively given the go ahead for the state sponsored thugs of Searchlight/UAF to attack the members and families of British National Party supporters at this years BNP Familly Festival, the Red, White and Blue.

In a shameful display of dereliction of duty and on the instructions of the Crown Prosecution Service, whose ethnic make up is now 14% non white, the police have stated that none of the 36 violent thugs of Searchlight/UAF will be charged for their brick throwing, property damaging attacks during their "peaceful" protest at last years RWB.

Party member Alan Warner is set to host the event for the third consecutive year on his land off Codnor Denby Lane in August and several groups have stated their intentions to protest against it.

Last year, police arrested 36 people protesting against the event but no charges were ever brought and Mr Warner thinks this will encourage opponents of his party to cause trouble at this year's event on August 15 and 16.

He said: "They came up here last year causing trouble and blocking roads and yet none of them were charged.

"They arrested 33 people and did not charge one of them, if that had been a member of the BNP they would have been locked up.

"It's amazing that in this country people can cause trouble, throw bricks at the police, block roads and not be charged.

"They know now they can come and cause trouble and nothing is going to happen to them.

"They certainly should not be allowed to come down this lane, they should be kept on Codnor Market Place.

All people who profess to support freedom of speech, democracy and the right for people to hold a private event on private land should condemn the cowardly and politically motivated actions of the Crown Prosectuion Service.

I would advise all those students and trade union members who have been offered a free coach and a day out to consider their actions and the motives of those people calling on them to attack women and children at a familly event.

Searchlight/UAF - Your days are numbered.
The people are wise to you.

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