Friday, 24 July 2009

Gary Marsden L'Anson - This is England

Outraged. Angry. In fact the words have not been invented or created yet that can express my anger at the news that I am about to pass on to you.

Gary Marsden L'Anson, the well known nationalist singer-songwriter, who is not a BNP member, wrote and sang the lyrics in the above song has been arrested and sacked by West Yorkshire Police because of his involvement with the British National Party.

Originally arrested on suspicion of being in possession of written material with intent to incite racial hatred, these charges were finally dropped but was still dismissed from the job he had held for over 23 years because he contributed to BNP funds "which is incompatible with values of West Yorkshire Police".

What bloody values do West Yorkshire Police have? They have none. They are the poli police. Legalised Political thugs who will one day face trial for their crimes against the British People. The message the poli police are sending out to the population is this. Even if you are not a BNP member, if you support them - We will persecute you.

And just as the pleas of the concentration camp guards "We were only obeying orders" did not work for those evil bastards, neither will similar defences work with a future nationalist government. Time now for elected Senior Police officers and not politically appointed ones.

And what dangerous items and weapons of terror and evidence did the wankers of the West Yorkshire Polce confiscate from the singers home.

a picture by his 11 -year-old's daughter of his band
with the Union Jack

"I was in custody for nine hours, questioned for four hours and bailed. On answering bail I was in custody for seven hours and was questioned extensively again and released on bail to August 24 2007 when I was re-bailed to October 19 2007."

On October 18 2007 he said he was told the investigation was at an end with no further action and he could collect his property the next day.

Defending his lyrics, he said: "The lyrics of This is England are not remotely racist, there is no mention of race. The only thing I could be accused of is touching on some uncomfortable truths.

He added: This is the most outrageous attack on freedom of speech, artistic expression and an abuse of the criminal law for the purposes of political correctness and internal discipline."
Now you check out the video and then you decide if the rag Yorkshire Evening Post (Boycott it) was right to publish this disclaimer to a link to the video:

Bloody rag. Bloody West Yorkshire Police. Bloody Establishment. They are damn lucky I am a wishy washy liberal otherwise I would wish them hung drawn and quartered instead of just being hung - after a trial that is.