Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The BNP Performance - An Overview

By Vortex

Well despite an orchestrated campaign against the BNP, the likes of which British politics has never seen, the party emerged in the small hours of Monday night into the political mainstream.

This is an incredible performance by anyone's standards, when one considers the smears, innuendoes and lies that have been directed against us by the political establishment and their friends in the media.

Every morning during the campaign I would "google" BNP to see what news stories were being written about us, and the torrent of anti-BNP rhetoric across the media only differed in the sense that it was more rational and measured in the "heavies" while the tabloids, especially The Sun and The Mirror, concentrated on desperately reproducing the stereotyped slurs and in many cases lies, in order to derail the campaign.

We have now secured representation in every tier of local government, the London Assembly and the European parliament.

We have arrived, despite being attacked by every shade of political opinion ranging from the predictable and hysterical far left to the embittered neo-nazi fringe, with everything else in between. None can deny this is an incredible achievement.

However, we cannot rest on our laurels, and have to continue with the modernisation and professionalising of the party to maintain the foundation we secured last week and in order to advance in the future.

It is now very clear that the established parties met with the discredited Searchlight organization to plan the massive campaign against us.

They will of course state that the advance would have been greater if they had not been involved. But the constant repetition of Nazi scare stories, feverishly digging around the internet and indeed no doubt into many other areas for dirt for the next propaganda attack, failed to deliver.

They will of course continue, and today The Sun is running a predictable story about past quotes (often taken out of context) by Nick Griffin MEP, although the reference that the BNP now has its jackboots in the EU trough is I grant a phrase I haven't heard before!

It shows however their limited mentality and contempt for the intelligence of the British people,which is reinforced by the plethora of either pro-BNP or rational anti-BNP sentiments in the comments section.

We must be on our guard and expect more of the same in the forthcoming General Election, whenever that is. In addition I hope that UKIP and the BNP can put aside differences in Brussels to further the interests of our country at every opportunity.

The elections, and the performances of the minor parties, and I include the English Democrats and the UK First Party in that, have shown the contempt of the British people for the corrupt system that has taken them for granted for so very long. Long may it continue.