Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Cameron will not give us the Referendum we want

David Cameron

It is about time the blue rinse brigade and retired colonels still voting and supporting the CONservative Party realised that there is no way that David Cameron, if he survives the investigation into his own legalised theft of public money, will give the True British People the Referendum they want. In or Out of Europe. Yes or No.
Mr Cameron said he could not foresee circumstances in which he would want to call a referendum on Britain remaining in the EU, adding: "If I thought that being a member of the EU was against the national interest, I would argue for us to come out, but I don't."
This former bully boy Bullingdon Club member, whose idea of fun then and now was to vandalise peoples property and who sucked £420,300 from the taxpayers in just one year thinks that he can fob the public of with a smoke and mirrors Lisbon Treaty Referendum. And we have seen what happens when countries reject that. Another Referendum, until they vote the "right way" or ways are found to reword the law to suit our unelected masters in Brussels. Bugger off Blair Cameron. The people are on to you and one day you will be just another Pig to face punishment.

Vote BNP June 4th


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