Friday, 5 June 2009

How went the Day?

How went the day? To be honest I do not know. Mixed reports from all over the place.

Let's leave the Euro Elections for now. Not much more we can do about that and so let us turn our attention to the by-elections that happened yesterday.

From what I can gather, 8 of those council wards have announced results and whilst not winning any of those wards, the British National Party gained more than respectable percentages of the vote. So we shall have to wait and see what happens later today.

Meanwhile, I thought you might like to read the following article that I have copied over from the excellent BNP Chronicle that was written by D. Meyers and entitled:

D-Day has arrived and the enemy are giving it one last push, or so it would seem from taking a trip into Manchester City Centre.

It's difficult to miss the mass of purple UAF placards with 'Stop the Nazi BNP' written on them, doubly so when one has a similar leaflet shoved under their nose.

Further examination showed that much lavender ink had been wasted on the same old Leftist, anti-BNP arguments such as "Nick Griffin is a Holocaust Denier", "The BNP have terrorist connections" (referring tp the Soho bomber), or my personal favourite, "They want to kick every black and Asian person out of Britain".

What else would there be to do other than enguire about the statements?

On pointing out that
a)Nick Griffin only a few weeks ago stated on National television that the Holocaust did indeed happen,

b)the actions of a single BNP member cannot be said to represent the entire Party, and

c)the Party offers a scheme of voluntary repatriation whereby a financial incentive is offered to minorities to return to their land of ethnic origin - non compulsory, the lady kindly distributing the lying lilac material looked to her megaphone-wielding partner, mumbling something along the lines of, "Mike, this person has a few questions, could you answer them please as, er, you know more about them than me."

The greying gentleman (pictured) graciously listened to the points reiterated to him for all of about ten seconds before exclaiming that the enquirer should "Do your homework". Upon further questioning regarding his statement, it was revealed that he was incapable of defending his literature, instead suggesting the enquirer would be better off asking Jeeves or Google.

Despite attempts to get 'Megaphone Mike' to explain why the electorate should not vote for the BNP, the only answer given was "Why should I waste my time, when you only quibble with me".

So it appears answering honest questions is too much for the UAF mob. If this wasn't enough, he proceeded to state "I am exercising my democratic right standing here today to ensure the BNP don't get a seat in the European Parliament. If you don't like it, what are you going to do about it?" To which the enquirer replied, "Vote for them".

Clearly enraged, the gentleman had little else to express other than insults and profanities.

See you in the European Parliament, Mr UAF. If this is what the BNP are up against, we're sailing.

UPDATE By Green Arrow

Essex - Castle Point (Thundersley)

Conservative 2076
Say no to European Union 916
Labour 658
Liberal Democrat 384
England, Linda Elizabeth British National Party 373 7.89%
Green 319

Essex - Castle Point (South Benfleet)

Conservative 2702
Labour 757 15.12
Cooling, Mark British National Party 652 13.02%
Liberal Democrat 475
Green Party 422

Essex - Castle Point (Hadleigh)

Conservative 2965
Say no to European Union 1023
Labour 507
Green Party 427
Liberal Democrat 406
Barber, Peter British National Party 378 6.62%

Essex - Castle Point (Canvey Island West)

Conservative 1948
Canvey Island Independent Party 1655
Morgan, John British National Party 505 11.18%
Labour 314
Liberal Democrat 97

Essex - Castle Point (Canvey Island East)

Independent 1782
Conservative 1612
Morgan, Laurence British National Party 852 16.66%
Labour 553
Liberal Democrat 316