Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Nick Griffin MEP attacked by UAF thugs

The police say that should anyone make a complaint then they would investigate those complaints.

Well I have seen enough footage to put quite a few of these violent people away.

The British National Party condemns all violence and is prepared to debate with any recognised political organisation any time any place.

Those who engage in political violence are the enemies of Freedom of Speech and are the would be killers of democracy.

All members, of all political parties should look at the UAF site and see if their MPs name is included amongst their list of supporters.

If they are, then they should ask those MPs how they justify belonging to a violent, communist organisation that does not stand for election and only exists to deny freedom of speech to those who oppose The Establishment.

Shame on the conservative MP, William Hague who ran away when asked why David Cameron was a signatory to the UAF.

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