Thursday, 4 June 2009

Nothing Left To Do Now But Wait And See.

The Man In Charge Of Our Our Country's Government
Captured at a rare moment ...
... pondering the cost of offering Tony the job back.

by johnofgwent

I woke this morning to a newsreader's voice telling me there is a letter doing the rounds of the Westminster Village asking Gordon to go for the good of the party. It must be true because the top story on BBC News is dedicated to the "twice disgraced yet thrice forgiven" Mandy The Prince Of Darkness urging MP's not to sign it. Something I would worry about were their party not currently best summed up by this image ...

But today of course is one of those rare days. Fifteen minutes ago every man and woman on Britain's Electoral Register was handed the chance to add their name to that letter whether Mandy wants you to or not.

Go out and do so.