Thursday, 4 June 2009

Searchlight is starting to squeal

Nick Knowles - the squirming worm

I, along with the rest of the few people on the Searchlight mailing list, have received the following email from their Hope not Hate cover site and signed by the creature Nick Knowles, who is a personal friend of Gerry Gable. Say no more.

Dear ..........

I've just received some crucial information and I wanted you to be the first to know.

I'm getting calls in from our organisers on the street - they're saying that the BNP are strongly turning out their vote. And I've got polling that confirms this as well.

Unless we take action it looks like the BNP will squeak a win - we're neck and neck. Our designer has just finished a final leaflet. I need you to print 50 copies off and then hand them out to your colleagues or to passers-by on the way home. Download the leaflet now and do one final thing for HOPE not hate:

Link to shitesite

We only have a few hours of this campaign left. I don't want a single person waking up tomorrow with the knowledge that they could have done that little bit more to stop the BNP. Please print off 50 or a 100 or a 1000 leaflets - as many as you can do. Every single leaflet you give out will make our chances of stopping the BNP all the better.

Another Link to shitesite

I can't imagine how I'd feel to see a that smug grin on Nick Griffin's face if the BNP wins. It would be a disaster for us all. It looks like a BNP win could come down to just a couple of hundred votes. Download 50 leaflets - hand them out. Phone all your friends - get them to vote.

We can stop this happening - but this moment's down to you.

Thank you,


Suck it up Nick. Suck it up, because you are not just going to just see a grin on our Chairman's face but on a few other British National Party MEPs faces also.

And when this election is over Nick we will be turning our attention back to Searchlight. We have found out about your involvement with charities. We have found out about your funding from the local authorities and we have other information that should finally destroy your cosy little world of madness.