Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Summer of Discontent.

By Albion

Personally I see a great deal of heart should be taken from the results of the elections. First of all the British National Party are now firmly established as the 4th Political party in this country.

The success of the British National Party was quite phenomenal taking into account the hostility of the whole of the British political establishment including the Press, Clergy and the Unions whose opposition was savage to the point of being almost frenetic.

There were also baseless smears from ALL the other contending political parties whose main aim appeared to be to tell the voters NOT to vote for the BNP rather than any answers they may have to reverse Great Britain’s woes.

Added to this list would be the Moslem population in the UK whose orders are directly taken from rabid preachers in the Mosques and the Imams in residence at the offices of the Moslem Council of Great Britain. With opposition like this stacked against any political party indeed the result was very heartening.

We must not forget of course the violent opposition from the Fascist UAF thugs whose orders were to violently disrupt the democratic process which the BNP have a right to when canvassing, on orders from Government institutional departments which one day in the future using the Freedom of Information Act will reveal just who was responsible for hiring these vicious thugs.

The news is still good. Let me explain. The implication of Geert Wilder whose Freedom Party won four seats in the European Parliament should not be understated. The Dutch people more than the rest of Europe have seen their country torn apart with multicultural madness and political correctness but so far they do not have jails that house political prisoners as does Austria.

The madness that has overtaken Holland is also being experienced in Sweden and Norway, but it is Holland that I would say borders on a failed state, as a socially cohesive population, that is. It has many towns where North African’s outnumber the Dutch population, schools where Dutch children are noted by their absence and where its police, firemen and indeed ethnic Dutch people dare not venture.

The Dutch people have been lied to for years, and kept in constant state of fear by threat of retribution dare they complain, their politicians assassinated when trying to raise the alarm of a full scale invasion that is taking place in their country.

The lies are beginning to get a little thin. They are looking to Geert Wilders for a return to sanity.

Already some poorer member countries are complaining the EU is too authoritarian and does not take into account peculiarities that apply to their own country and meddles too much in their internal affairs. The EU seems to think once size fits all, it does not.

Woe betide any poor member country wanting to withdraw from the Union, their life support system will be turned off immediately and they will find themselves tending their crops with horses and ploughs and once again relying on tourist buses to visit their castles that once accommodated Vampires, Frankenstein, Dracula and other assorted monsters.

There is no opting out clause written into any EU treaties. Ireland did not opt out of the Federation of European States but did have the temerity to question the EU draft constitution (Lisbon Treaty) of which they are now paying for their belligerency with funding reduced to a trickle.

The second visit to the ballot boxes will hopefully see common sense prevail and see the righting of the error of their ways, Ms Merkel hopes.

The terrible social situation in Europe is not going to improve and whether authorities like it or not political parties loyal to their own people, customs, and their flag and wanting to be masters of their own destiny will prevail.

As each election passes these patriotic parties will grow stronger, the irony is, it is the opposition from the extreme socialist parties that have caused this nightmare and which is breeding a great deal of discontent. They do not appear to understand that they are indirectly responsible for the success of the Patriotic parties.