Thursday, 2 July 2009

And the good news is:-

There is none. No, no good news at all. Nada, zip, zilch and a big fat zero to boot.

Living in Britain today, is like being a citizen of Pompeii, living in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius. Despite the earthquakes preceding the volcanoes eruption, many of the Roman Citizens, did not heed the warning signs but just carried on with their lives, right up until the moment they were buried alive in hot ash.

Now a bit more about the Anti-Islamic Extremist protest, that is taking place in Birmingham this coming Saturday (July 4th).

The rendezvous point is the Bull Statue that is outside the West mall of the Bullring in the city centre itself and the newly formed English and Welsh Defence Leagues have asked that protesters bring flags and banners.

One commenter on the Lionheart site named Digga as posted the following:-

The West Midlands police can be aggressive and violent. Stay calm and dont be provoked. The Bull Ring Shopping Centre is private property so be prepared to move a few yards to the junction of Corporation St and New st(public area). Keep the protest peaceful. I would advise not to wear face masks. We need this anti-extremist campaign to be long term and credible. See you there.
Now there is a lot of speculation about who the EDL and WDL are and also who is really behind this coming protest.

Some sites are saying that it is a Zionist Plan and are advising people to stay away from the area. But these are the same people whose hatred of Jews is so intense that they support Islamic Terrorist attacks on Israel. When will these people ever realise, that there is a huge difference between someone being a Jew and a Jewish Zionist?

I do know that Lionheart, who appears to be a key player in this, is a committed Christian Crusader, who believes firmly in the right of Israel to exist as a nation, as do the BNP. And also, like all thinking people is deeply worried about the future of Our Country and the very real danger we now face from the invaders from the east.

Perhaps Lionheart is the earth tremor, that if large enough, will send a warning to The Establishment that the British People really have had enough of being treated like sheep and having their wishes ignored.

Lionheart often says. "Deus Vult". Perhaps, just perhaps, he really does.