Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The BNP in Llanelli

Regular readers of this site will have seen the above video before. However it is worth watching again to see how Wales BNP broke the story about the number of Polish People who have been displacing the Welsh People in and around Lllanelli.

Now the main stream media, who always trail a month or more behind the BNP when it comes to reporting the news have claimed that it is the BNP is taking advantage of the people of Llanelli by letting Llanelli and the rest of Our Country know about just what is happening in one town.

The truth, of course, is somewhat different. The only people taking advantage of the people of Llanelli are the companies that are importing cheap labour to replace the Welsh Workers.

Whilst these companies makes vast profits by not paying proper wages or pensions, the cost is then passed onto the British Taxpayers who then have fund the unemployment and housing benefits of the Welsh workers who now sit at home wondering what has happened to them.

Some 2,000 Polish people now live in Llanelli, according to estimates from local community leaders, and while many in the town praise their efforts to help the Poles integrate, the area has become fertile territory for the British National Party. The BNP acquired its first community councillor in south Wales when Kevin Edwards won 25% of the vote in a ward near the meat factory. He was joined by a second when a Plaid Cymru community councillor from the area defected to the nationalists in protest at migration in April 2009.

Residents of the rows of modest grey peddle-dashed houses whose traditional employment has been in the declining tin, steel and coal works, have been leafleted by BNP activists in recent months. The BNP's Llanelli Patriot complained of the "massive influx of cheap labour that has taken the jobs and houses of true local people". Although few people on the streets of the town want to talk about it, posts on Llanelli websites echo these fears.

And what is happening in Llanelli, is not unique to Wales. It is happening all over our disunited Kingdom. The only hope that the workers of Llanelli have is not just to support the British National Party but to actually join it and help take back Our Country. Only then will there really be, British Jobs for British Workers.