Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The Ace of Diamonds, the BNP and the UAF

The legendary Ace of Diamonds

News coming in, is that the legendary nationalist pub, The Ace of Diamonds is being surrounded by the thugs of the state sponsored claw hammer gang known as the UAF.

The Ace of Diamonds is a regular port of call for Nick Griffin MEP, when he is in the Manchester area and became famous for its warm welcome to visiting members of the British National Party by its landlord Derek Adams and the huge billboard visually shouting out Punish the Pigs to passing members of the public.

About 50 UAF thugs have gathered outside the Ace, where Mr Griffin MEP is planning to speak later today.

The above footage was taken by a British National Party Activist. The activist put the actual numbers of UAF thugs as being around 40 although it was difficult to tell from the journalists and passers by who had gathered to watch the show.

More information at Simon Darby and good images