Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Hmmm. What a dramatic few days it has been. First we had the elections on Thursday, then Friday we were celebrating the fact that the patriotic British National Party had won three County Councillors and then we waited.

And boy was it a wait. And during the wait we had our worries about ballot fraud justified, when it was revealed that at one storage station at least, BNP ballot box seals had been removed. And then we waited.

And then finally, the BNP smashed the damn of deceit build by The Establishment, when it was announced that the excellent Andrew Bron had been elected to represent Yorkshire and Humber in the corrupt European Parliament. Thank God, I thought. Then we waited again to see how Our Chairman had fared.

And what a wait that was. Time slowed. For the sheep people watching late night films it passed normally but for those of us who care about Our Country it slowed to a crawl and each hour we waited seemed like a day.

And all the time, on The Establisment controlled media, their agents slandered, lied and smeared the legal and democratic British National Party that was about to bust their cosy little bubble and allow the world in to see how corrupt and rotten The Establishment and those who feed of us really are.

We had won a seat in Europe but the real battle would not be won unless Nick Griffin was elected and so we waited not knowing whether we would be celebrating or sobbing.

All we knew, was that either way we would continue with the war. Then finally the news some of us really had prayed for. The Day was Ours. Nick Griffin, Chairman of the BNP had become Nick Griffin MEP, Chairman of the BNP.

I suggest we take a break here. I feel that this is going to be a long article. You make yourself a tea and I will go get a can to crack and roll up a smoke.

Right sorry about the delay. John of Gwent just reported in. Top man John of Gwent. He is going to make a fine MP one day, oh and a warning to those enemies of the people who might seek to attack him in the future. You really do not want to come up on his Radar. He is a formidable foe and like all in the BNP, he never forgets and never stops.

Right where were we? As if I could forget. It was the night/morning that history was made. The morning that Nick Griffin was to rock the socks off the entire nation and have the traitor politicians start filling in claims for napkins having soiled themselves in fear for their futures.

In a shameful display of unity, that revealed how all The Establisment parties, plus the government authorised safety valve UKIP are really just facets of the same piece of filth, the other succesfull candidates slunk of the stage slapping democracy in the face on the way.

But now, finally, having been denied a platform for decades, The Master of Oratory had the stage and boy did he use it. And in an acceptance speech seen across the world, he ripped the mask from the Establishment and revealed to the world the true nature of the enemies of the people.

When he appeared to finish, with the line "We go on from here", I thought "Brilliant" and then he turned again to the camera and really let rip into The Establishment and for the first time on main stream television, the British People were finally informed of the crimes being committed against them.

He spoke briefly about unwanted mass immigration and then moved quickly onto what he intends to do upon his arrival in Brussels, the capital of the Soviet European Union, where unelected bureaucrats make laws to oppress the people of Western Europe whilst destroying proud nations and peoples.

And it is not just the MPs in Parliament and the MEPs in Brussels who are worried about the rise of the British National Party. There are their hangers on and paid thugs. People like the professional "Black" Weyman Bennett of the UAF who organised yesterdays attack on the BNP Press conference, where the waiting press were denied the opportunity to ask Nick Griffin MEP questions. Questions that Nick Griffin would have answered no matter how "awkward".

But the attack by the state and trade union funded UAF, was not just an attack against the BNP, it was an attack against democracy by people who talk about freedom of speech but attempt to silence it in others with claw hammers, staves of wood and childishly, eggs.

Because the truth is, organisations like the UAF, Searchlight and many "community" charities receive HUGE sums of tax and ratepayers money that vanishes into their personal pockets.

They know that the BNP will not only break their rice bowls but will investigate them and their bogus charities the way they, the BNP were the first to expose the corrupt Pigs in Parliament.

And they are frightened and lash out violently as is their wont as communists. And still David Cameron and hundreds of other "notable" people are still signatories to their shameful statement of intent to destroy a democratic political party, thereby maintaing their cosy Status Quo and keeping their pockets filled with our money and making their Masters in The Establishment happy at the same time.

I have to finish now but finish feeling that the article is incomplete. Perhaps you might care to finish it for me with your comments.

Proud to be BNP.

By the way, if any of you have the ear of the Chairman of the British National Party, tell him this, the Green Arrow will work for peanuts for the chance to help him expose the corruption of Brussels.

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