Wednesday, 10 June 2009

No Prize for guessing whose side The Thunderer is on.

by johnofgwent

There was a time when it was said of "The Times" that regardless of the story it's political colours were always formly nailed to the fence.

Well if you want proof of how far it has been dragged from that lofty ideal look no further than this retch-inducing piece on the violent subversion of parliamentary democracy that took place last night.

To be even considered to be involved in the overthrow of Parliamentary Democracy by violent means is supposed to be an arrestable offence. It certainly buggers one's security clearance. So would someone tell me why Nick Clegg, David Cameron, Gordon Brown, and all the other members of Parliament who signed up to support the UAF still have their parliamentary passes and are not now being tortured for the names of their collaborators in some dungeon on the south bank ?

Yes I know why, there's one law for Parliamentarians (especially Nu-Labour ones) and another for us.

I have written to my MP on the matter and you can read - AND DIGG my words here. I do hope she replies supporting their actions. It will be priceless PR for my campaign - I'll be volunteering to stand for Parliament somewhere regardless of her answer.