Monday, 8 June 2009

The Establishment spit in the face of Democracy

"There they go. Turning their backs on the electorate on a democratic verdict in a democratic election. As shameful as the lies told by....."

So said chairman of the British National Party, Nick Griffin, at the start of his acceptance speech having been elected to go to Brussels and fight for justice for the True British People.

And he was right, as usual. The site of The Establishment puppets and their zombies walking out of the hall where the results had been announced, when Nick Griffin started to speak was shameful.

Indeed it was more than shameful. It was a disgusting visual display of the petulance of the establishment and their contempt for democracy. It was a symbolic spit in the face of everyone who voted British National Party and a spit in the face of the democratic process.

Having been on my feet at the count for what seemed a lifetime and then up until the early hours(like most of you patriots) I am very tired and now face a long drive. I am looking forward to going to meet friends who will be wishing to talk about the history they witnessed in the early hours of the morning. Truth is, I really just want to lie down and sleep.

Commiserations must go to all our candidates but I look at this way, those heroes, like Simon Darby who were not elected, are now free to stand in any parliamentary by-elections that may be coming up.

Because the sad truth is, it would not have mattered if we had won every single MEP seat available. To wrest Our Country back from the clutches of Europe we must have MPs in this Country, Our Country.

Take today off and tomorrow come back refreshed and start the battle to do just that.

Proud to be BNP


I intend to find out the names of those who walked of the stage and watch them like an hawk. 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I will do my bit I promise, to make them pay for spitting in the face of the British People.

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