Monday, 8 June 2009

I have a message for "Daft Fan" of the UKDEBATE site

Not so daft now, eh ?

by johnofgwent

I have from time to time made mention here of The UK Debate web site which is one of the few places on the planet where British National Party policies are permitted to be aired by an admin and moderating team dedicated to allowing all political opinion.

Of course, the fact that they allow it also means it's a bear pit at times, but as one of the more fervent opponents of the party, who claims to be a left of centre (that'll be a tory then !) councillor in a ward close to the south M25 said, "if the party want to play in the big boy's playground then like it or not they are going to have to get it used to the sort of 'press coverage' they've been getting".

And he's right. I donl't like to say it but please show me a newspaper that has been kind to any political party its editor despises. Show me a red top that plays by the Marquis Of Queensbury's rules. There isn't one. End of. Either learn to live with it, or learn to sue for libel for real. Your choice, Nick. But learn quickly.

But I came here this morning to see if this blog can do me a favour. I have a message for one of the BNP's foot soldiers on the UK debate website who has not contributed for a while. A tireless fighter against the tirade of smears from the revlefters, the poster called "Daft Fan" went quiet at the end of last year, after a particularly noxious onslaught from the hardline antifa brigade.

It was their retreat under withering fire over there that urged me to become a more active contributor to this blog in retaliation.

This morning I checked their account status and profile hoping to PM them the above image. As they've gone quiet over there, I'm putting it here too.

If you're out there, mate, enjoy.

Footnote by Green Arrow

JOG you are right. Daft Fan has been fantastic in the way he promoted and defended the British National Party, not just on UKDebate but on many more forums around the country and world.

I would also like to wish Ancient Brit all the best, who has also vanished off our radar. I hope that they are both well and ask them to drop us a line to let us know they are both OK.