Monday, 8 June 2009

Victory for the patriots of the BNP

I have been waiting 33 years for this day. Today history was made when the British National Party, under the leadership of Nick Griffin, the greatest patriot this country has seen in decades if not centuries, broke through the damn of The Establishment and established a beach head in the new Battle of Britain and the struggle to save Europe once again from the forces of evil.

Every single BNP activist who delivered a leaflet, folded an election address, knocked on a door, manned a Freedom stall, made a video, left a comment on an on-line newspaper or even wrote an article for a blog, helped make history today.

This evening, I spent my time at a count with some of my brothers and sisters from the British National Party and I was proud to stand with them. I felt special, we were special, we are special because we are more than a political party. We are a band of brothers and sisters who are part of a family fighting for a future for our children and their children.

To be a member of the British National Party is to be part of something special, something unique, to stand apart from the crowd.

A BNP rosette or Party badge says it all. I am BNP and proud of it.

Proud to be BNP.

Please go here and rate and leave a comment for angelboo2008 who was so fast in getting this video up for us.

Take a couple of hours off my kinsmen. For today we continue with our attacks on the enemies of freedom.