Sunday, 7 June 2009

Musings from Torfaen

by johnofgwent

I cannot give figures because the returning officer has not yet been given the OK from the regional office. But I can tell you that I spent the last couple of hours being treated with imppecable politeness and a degree of professionalism that I found quite surprising, yet of course it was exactly what I was entitled to expect.

For I have just spent four hours back at Pontypool Leisure Centre where our local count was carried out. And what a night it was. I am firmly convinced that if our results are repeated country-wide, Nick is going to need a French phrase book.

As before, I found the counting staff and returning officer to be the consummate professionals and the other candidates agents were impeccably polite. As it should be. Mind you, the faces on the "mainstream" party people when they realised how well we had done compared to what they expected, spoke volumes.

You must wait patiently for the regional returning officer to give you the full details.

But I tell you this.

We have arrived, ladies and gents. We are no longer the party of ridicule and scorn.