Sunday, 7 June 2009

Blair's Chum Charlie Auditions for role of Brutus

Not so much "Et Tu, Brute" as "Me too please, Mandy"

by johnofgwent

Well that didn't take very long, did it. All last night the BBC News Website News Front Page carried a headline that Jon Cruddas was urging unity and that it would be madness to throw their party leader. That headline seems to have gone but you can catch a video summary here under the bizarre title "key figures rally round PM".

Well if this morning is a rally of support I'd sooner not have friends like Gordon's thank you. For starters it seems Mandy the Prince OF Darkness is backpedalling furiously over "old emails" of his criticising Gordon's temerament and management style. I wonder who leaked those, Peter ?

But pride of place in the news this morning must go to Blairs old Chum Charlie Falconer, now Lord Falconer, the first person Blair handed some ermine to.

Charlie of course was called in to be the Lord High Apologist for the shambles that was The Millennium Dome. I have little doubt he will be recalled to the microphone to be the Lord Chief Apologist for the Olympics too.

But today he needs to pay back his chums to thom he owes so much, so he obliges by going on The Politics Show and auditions for the role of Brutus. Gordon Must Go is the message of the day.......

... And they have not even started counting the Euro Votes yet (!)

It is a good day for stroll up The Mall for an audience with the Queen, Mr Brown. Why not take the tenancy agreement for number ten with you and hand it back while you're there. No-one will think the less of you for admitting you're so far out of your depth and best go now before you sink so far that not even the gear they're using to find Flight AF447's "black boxes" will be able to rescue you.