Monday, 1 June 2009

Another Poor Show from S4C/BBC Wales

Sitting here at 9pm, S4c switched on, and every recorder in the house tuned in I eagerly awaited the Welsh version of Question Time. (Pawb a'i Farn)

As the program was in Welsh I had my attention fully turned on and was resisting the apple juice. My steam driven telly does not have a controller since I trod on it so I could no use the 888 subtitles.

During the preamble I was reassured when I saw the happy faces of BNP West Wales' Roger Phillips and Meirion Bowen, who were armed with an authorised question sitting in the audience.

After 20 minutes of staged easy questions there was a break.

After another 20 minutes of self praising answers by the motley crew of cuprinol painted panel members there was another break.

The tension was building. Surely after so many questions from familiar faces, topped up with audience comments from spotty youths, I thought it was our turn.

Not yet, a youthful plant who was the spitting and snarling image of Llanelli AM Helen Mary Jones squeezed in a snyde comment about Nick Griffin then looked around himself with a posture reminiscent of Eric Cantona after scoring a goal, but also uncanily like Mussolini, as he nodded his head and smirked. Shameful broadcasting at its best,

Then believe it or not time was up. Deflated is not the word. Just more of the same from the crooked media. I should have known better and opened the first bottle of 'white blaster' half an hour earlier. Still better now than later, slurrp!!

I am sure that Roger will have a tale to tell later. Can't wait to hear from him.

Ba*"a$*s all of them. Roll on 4th June, and the count in Llanelli on the 7th. One trick and I will have them, no fear.