Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Someone remind me what the rate of inflation is again ?

8.23% increase last year. 5.42% this.
I wish I could demand the same increase in my hourly rate.

by johnofgwent

Well, acording to Alistair "£1400 to pay someone to fill my tax return in for me", Darling, pensioners are getting a good deal this year, with their pensions guaranteed to exceed the rate of inflation. Well give or take £700 or so.

But before they start dancing in the street maybe they should take a look at the bills from what used to be a "utility company" but is now a "ripoff merchant".

Would someone please explain why my water bill rose by 8.23% last year and why it rose by 5.42% this ?

But I warn you. One use of the phrase "European Directive On Water Quality" earns you a six foot skewer run through you from arse to mouth followed by a roasting alive over the Caerleon Usk Bridge as the tide starts to ebb - so the grease that runs off you will float down the severn and pollute Peter Hain's drains on the next incoming tide.