Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Now you see them, Now you don't.

by johnofgwent

I was going to show off my grasp of latin with the title of this blog, but any Terry Pratchett Fan in posession of the Map of Ankh Morpork knows "nunc es vides, nunc non vides" is the motto of the Unseen University, so that won't work !

But unseen is what some (or maybe all ?) of Gordon Brown's Front Bench are looking like becoming anytime soon.

Rumour and Speculation are currently flying round the Westminster Village faster than Harry Potter's Nimbus 2000 Firebolt on "turbo reheat" pulling a nine-g turn round the quidditch posts.

Yesterday the death-knell was being sounded for Alistair "£1400 To Have My Accountant Do In My Tax Return" Darling. His failure to understand the difference between an expense claim for a flat he's living in, and a flat he's renting out now he's in No. 11 looks like dropping him into a fiery lava pit to make way for Gordy's pal Ed Balls.

Balls of course is no stranger to doing the donkey work. Michael Hesseltine said in 1994 that Labour's brand new economic dream wasn't Brown's - it was Balls. I really urge you to revisit that link, it really is priceless.

So who's next. well, it seems that Jacqui Smith is taking the walk down washout alley. I hope her other half enjoyed that porn flick, I doubt she'll be 'in the mood' anytime soon.

Unfortunately, the man himself has declared he's staying put.

Didn't Brown's his all time favourite woman politician Maggie Thatcher say something similar just before the men in grey suits came to tell her to bugger off ?