Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Phil Woolas MP, does not have a clue

Woolas the Worm squirms
(image held by man is of injured Gurkha)

So Phil Woolas, the Labour Minister responsible for immigration, who sucked up £384,559 last year in tax payers money has admitted he does not have a clue on how many bogus students have entered Our Country illegally, many of them possible terrorists.
After being asked repeatedly by MPs how many student visa cheats may be living here, the immigration minister replied: 'It is best not to guess if you are not sure.'

His remarks echoed Tony Blair's response, during the 2005 General Election campaign, to being asked 20 times how many illegal immigrants were living in the UK.
So what do we know about this incompetent minister. Well the first thing we remember, is that he was the Minister who revealed himself to be a moron by the actress Joanna Lumley who confronted him over the Gurkha issue.

Woolas, who is a supporter of the Claw Hammer gang, known as the UAF was also a supporter of its shameful forefather, the appropriately named ANL organisation, who wants everybody in the world to live in England, except the English and Gurkhas, tried to pull the following underhand stunt.
Veterans would be allowed to settle only if they met one or more conditions based on length of service, gallantry or related illness. Many of the requirements seemed designed to frustrate: for example, one way to qualify automatically was by soldiering for at least 20 years, though most rank-and-file Gurkhas serve for only 15. Another was to prove that a long-term medical condition was caused or worsened by active service—a tall order for those whose injuries were sustained decades ago.
Woolas, the Minister who is responsible now for the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants(they never were students) running around Our Country, was also in the news when it was revealed that he had claimed for womens clothing, nail polish, commics and babies nappies on his expenses.

Every question listed below can only be answered with the Phil Woolas answer, which is ‘we don’t know’.

This is because the government and local councils have deliberately refused to investigate these issues and answer them for fear of the British public becoming aware of the true extent of the immigration crisis and demanding something is done about it:

1) How many immigrants are there in the country ?

2) How many asylum seekers are there in the country ?

3) How many illegal immigrants have entered the country ?

4) How many illegal immigrants are hiding in the country ?

5) How many foreign criminals are there in the country ?

6) How many foreign criminals are there in British prisons who should never have been allowed to enter the UK in the first place due to them having criminal convictions in their own countries ?

7) How many foreign criminals are still present in the country even though they should have been deported after serving their prison sentences ?

8) How many immigrants are in the country who have convictions for crimes in their own countries before they came to the UK ?

9) How many immigrants in the UK are involved in drug importation ?

10) How many immigrants in the UK have convictions for rape and involvement in honour killings ?

11) How many immigrants in the UK are involved in terrorism or funding terrorism either here in the UK or in their home countries ?

12) How many immigrants in the UK are in council housing ?

13) How many immigrants in the UK or visiting the UK have used NHS facilities without paying for it as required ?

14) How many immigrants in the UK or visiting the UK are using British schools and universities without being entitled too ?

15) How many asylum seekers who have entered the UK have lied to enter the country are still living in the country ?

16) How many asylum seekers who were involved in murders, wars and genocide in their own countries have entered the UK and claimed asylum here ?

17) How many immigrants are involved in the sex slave trade, gun smuggling and fraud in the UK ?

18) How many billions of pounds as proceeds from immigrant crime in the UK are sent back to foreign nations every year ?

19) How many immigrants on a visa to enter the UK actually leave the country every year ?

20 ) How many immigrants have been convicted of terrorism, planning terrorism or funding terrorism?

Now if "we don't know", as an answer is not good enough for you and you do want to know, then you have it in your power tomorrow to vote for a person who also wants to know and will make it their business to find out the answers to all those 20 questions.

Punish the Pigs

Vote BNP June 4th

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