Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Yet More BBC Whitewash

Pursued by three asian men.
Then viciously and brutally attacked

by johnofgwent

Another episode of colour-blindness and cover-up by the BBC.

This man was brutally assaulted in Queens Park, Blackburn. The constituency of the "Justice" Minister Jack Straw. He died in hospital following the assault and police are now keen to find his attackers. Or so says the BBC News site.

But not, it appears, so keen as to help you narrow down the search by describing the people they are looking for. To find that out, you have to go to Manchester's Online Asian News. Only there will you fiond the fact that the man was pursued into the park by three asian men.

Colour-blindness at the BBC is of course endemic to the point where few bother to point it out any more.