Monday, 8 June 2009

A battle has been won, but the enemy has not gone away

By Sarah: Maid of Albion

It was well after 2:00 am, and their masks had begun to slip. After hours of watching so much of that they had spent all their adult lives working for collapse around them, whilst much of what they had fought against was coming to pass, they could no longer even muster a pretence of the much claimed, but long extinct impartiality. Their faces told it all, one had to see the expressions of fury and raw hatred on the faces of the band of hand picked commentators and professional fabricators, chosen to present the BBC's coverage of the 2009 European election results to believe it. They had been crossed and they wanted revenge

Clearly seething beneath his careful coiffer, even veteran anchor in chief, David Dimbleby, who's much admired father must be spinning in his grave, dropped all pretence of neutrality and snarled something barely coherent about “sending Fascists to Europe”, whilst the establishment's favourite Guardianista hackette, Polly Toynbee, bemoaned “a terrible, terrible result”.

Dimbleby had begun snarling earlier when he taunted BNP Leader Nick Griffin with the wish fulfilling lie that Britain was now a mixed race nation, thus seeking to falsely imply that Griffin's expected success would be a hollow one, the cold rage behind his eyes revealing how much he wished his lie were true.

Meanwhile the BBC's bizarre and bespectacled political commentator, Nick Robinson, speaking as if to comfort himself, pointed out that the BNP's vote, “had not gone up since 2004”, dishonestly ignoring what a significant achievement that was, given the relentless media campaign against the BNP and how far other parties votes had dropped, even the victorious Tories only saw their vote increase by 2%. Another BBC apparatchik, it was hard to tell who, as their puffy, red and angry faces were all starting to look alike by that point, accused the victorious Griffin of being “a very bad man!”. The latter words spoken with the arrogant confidence of one who's assumption that his own politically tainted assessment is an acknowledged truth, has never before been challenged.

This display of bitter media disappointment. followed weeks during which such seemingly disparate groups as trade unions, national newspapers and the Anglican church had all come together to condemn a single political party and appeal to the public not to vote for them.

Seldom, has the political bias and commonality of purpose of our nation's establishment and its media been so clearly exposed. They are all, every one of them branches of the same poisonous tree which as spent a quarter of a century, or more. suppressing and vilifying any organisation which has attempted to stand up in defence of the native population of Britain, and they are now furiously spitting blood in their failure to destroy the latest threat to their mission.

They are as mean spirited as they are dangerous, and their dishonesty is massive, they call us “fascists”, yet, anyone watching their behaviour and that of the baying boot boy thugs outside Manchester town hall attempting, unsuccessfully, to prevent Griffin attending the count, would have little difficulty in determining who the true Nazis are. However, it is not only their dishonesty which is massive, their malevolence knows no bounds, and we ignore that at our peril.

They are not alone, be under no illusion, those commentators who snarled and sniped their way through last night's election coverage are merely the ugly, and visible, boil on top of a huge and pustulating abscess, an infection so deeply rooted that it will not be drained easily.

None of us are so naïve as to believe that those who have used every dirty trick they know against us, will now think “Oh well we tried, but the better side won”, that is not their way. We have only clambered over the parapet and the real battle has only just begun, if you thought the lies they told about us leading up to the election were bad, just wait for the ones they will tell about us now that we have bested them.

Nobody ever went into Nationalist politics hoping to make money, but that will not stop the press attempting to smear us with some expenses scandal as soon as Nick and Andrew arrive in Brussels. Not only must our boys continue to be squeaky clean, they must be demonstratively more so than anyone else The same media which studiously ignored the UKIP corruption scandals and Old Nigel Grinalot's £2 million of expenses will be waiting for Nick to so much as as accidentally charge the tax payer for a two Euro glass of shandy with his dinner.

If they can't find something they will make it up, hey, its not as if they haven't tried it before!

Believe me, the dirty tricks will come thick and fast, and they will be aimed at both the MEPs and at the party.

The first trick I suspect they will try, and which was set on course by David Dimbleby last night, will be to get someone of mix race origin to die their hair blonde join the party, and then run an expose on the BNP's “hypocrisy” and the BNP must be ready to expose the media's own hypocrisy if and when they do try it.

They will use whatever they can against us, and as we now know, nothing is too low for them.

They will continue to monitor our chat rooms, our blogs and and out discussion boards and seek to twist anything we say. They will try to link any criminal who once knew someone who thought about voting BNP to us, and worse than that, they will try to use against us the laws which they passed for that very purpose. What they tried to do to Nick Griffin and Mark Collett they will try again, and some of us may become casualties.

I do not wish to detract from today's euphoria, it is a euphoria which is well deserved, we have achieved great things in the face of huge opposition. However, that opposition is still there and the next few years will not be easy for any of us, for the enemies ranged against us are legion.

Although we have crossed one difficult ravine, there are still vast canyons ahead and what we face is not for the faint hearted, for as last night's election coverage and this morning's media headlines tell us, we have many enemies, who are very angry and very nasty.

We will prevail because our cause is right and theirs is not, but it will not be easy, and it may not come soon. Enjoy this success but remember, we are in this for the long game.