Monday, 8 June 2009

Thank you - From Nick Griffin MEP

Nick Griffin MEP
Chairman BNP

Fellow Patriot,
The election of two British National Party Members of the European Parliament has forever smashed the media lies about the party and is a defining moment in British history.

The BNP has been catapulted to centre stage in European politics and the world's media. The victory in the face of the most outrageous lies and mass-media slurs was tribute to the steadfastness and determination of the voters of Britain.

This astonishing victory has shown that the mettle of the men and women who created the British Empire, who fought like lions in the furthest corners of the globe, who sacrificed like titans in Flanders, who endured the Blitz and who stormed the beaches of Normandy, is still alive.

The far left and the Tory types who thought that the British spirit was dead and that they could walk all over 10,000 years of history, tradition, culture and heritage, were wrong. The British lion has awoken, and its roar will now be heard throughout the world.

Our first priority in the European Parliament is to send our researchers into the archives to dig out the facts about the conglomerates and corporations which have profited from the privatisation theft of Britain's "common wealth". The dissolution of the institutions and property of the British nation into the hands of the internationalists is the single greatest piece of larceny in our history and we will do all we can to fully expose it.

The truth of how the ownership of all our national assets ended up in foreign hands is all there, untouched in the archives. None of the parties want to investigate it. The Tories won't, because they were the ones who starting selling everything off and gutted British industry. Labour won't because they carried on with the Tory policy. The Lib-Dems won't because they hardly have any ideas about anything. The Greens won't, because they don't know about it, and UKIP won't because they are just another corrupt Tory front anyway.

The BNP will not shirk from this responsibility, and I can assure the public that the scandals which lay waiting to be uncovered will make the claims for bath plugs, porn films and housing allowances in Westminster seem like small potatoes.

The victories in Yorkshire and the North are directly linked to the endemic problem of racial grooming. The large votes registered for the BNP in core areas like Oldham and Bradford are a desperate cry for help from the indigenous British population, the Sikhs and other communities about the appalling racist violence and endemic problem of racist sex-grooming scandals perpetrated by individuals from within the Muslim community.

We now have the mandate to demand action by the police and authorities on this issue. It can no longer be swept under the carpet and ignored like they did with the latest two murders last week of indigenous Britons.

The enormously enhanced credibility and electability of the BNP would have far-reaching consequences throughout the British body politic. The BBC will no longer have an excuse to bar us from prime political airtime, and the media will find it even harder to spin lies about us.

This marks a seismic shift for the BNP, and all the voters who placed their crosses next to the brave BNP candidates all over the country can rest assured we will not waste this opportunity to reverse Britain's decline.

The BNP's election victory was a stinging defeat for the far left who had poured huge amounts of money into an anti-BNP campaign. Their failure to stop the BNP will become nothing but an irrelevant footnote to the great historical events of last night.

After the disgraceful attacks on members of the public by the far left outside Manchester City Hall last night, I repeat my challenge to Tory leader David Cameron to distance himself from these stormtroopers of the ruling elite, or forever be tarnished by his open association with these thugs who seek to destroy democracy in Britain.

Finally, I wish to thank all those unsung activists and Nationalists throughout the land on their heroic and determined effort during this amazing campaign. We have well and truly "made it" at last.

My hat especially comes off to all those veteran members who have been waiting for this national breakthrough for over ten years, some maybe even longer.

It fills me with pride to stand shoulder to shoulder with all of you. The day we have been waiting for has arrived. After a summer of consolidation and re-organisation, we can look forward to launching our General Election campaign as a truly mainstream party with enough financial and manpower clout to really make a difference.
Onwards and upwards fellow Nationalists - WE DID IT! Long live the British People!

Yours sincerely

Nick Griffin MEP

Chairman, BNP