Saturday, 6 June 2009

Disowned Labour MP Resigns to force By-Election

Ian Gibson, ex-MP for Norwich.

Possibly the only man elected to the current parliament who retains any rightful claim to any degree of self respect or common decency this morning.

by johnofgwent

Over on my own blog I have placed a background article on the Court Of The Star Chamber and how although Gordon Brown speaks of the institution in glowing terms it was in fact the toolof the absolute monarch and political despot. Every record I have found for it speaks of an institution hated by thr political elite and that after its abolition in 1641 the name remained as symbol of to designate arbitrary, secretive proceedings in opposition to personal rights and liberty.

How apt therefore that the biggest control freak in the country should think it a splendid device now his grasp on power weakens by the second.

And the latest news on this front comes from Norwich, where the sitting Labour MP Ian Gibson has resigned with immediate effect thus forcing a by-election. Gibson's fall from power came after it was revealed that he sold his taxpayer-funded second home to his daugter at below the market price. Labour's National Executive Committee has barred him from standing again as a candidate and he has done the honourable thing and walked now.

Honourable ? Well, yes, actually. Take a look at the makeup of the National Executive Committee for a start. Click the link I put above. And now tell me the phrase "Pot Calling The Kettle Black" isn't stuck in your head.

And I say he leaves with more honour than any of the three "dishonoured members" denied the chance to stand again (Margaret Moran, David Chaytor and Elliot Morley) or any of those who have declared voluntarily that they "will go at the next election", for each one of those scum will collect, by virtue of their clinging on to their seat until the election, a nice little earner of about £100,000.

So I doff my cap to you, Mr Gibson, for having the self respect and common decency to do what every one of your "colleagues" and especially those who pronounced sentence upon you should be forced to do themselves.