Saturday, 6 June 2009

Oh what a Circus, oh what a Show

Good day BNP. I guess most of you have arrived here looking for news on the recent elections and perhaps to see what the Green Arrow take is on the situation. Well you can get both here in this article.

First for the truth, our Chairman's update in the video above tells it the way it is. Some of you, mostly those new to the cruel world of politics, will be disappointed. Veterans will understand exactly what he is saying and what it means for the activists of the British National Party.

We have landed on the beaches and now we must fight inland towards our enemies and we must fight, fight and fight again. Parish Councils, Town Councils, County Councils and Parliamentary by-elections. There is no stopping and there can be no end in the political fighting until we win. And we WILL win.

Now my personal feelings over the last few days have been a mixed bag. Elation at the success of winning three County Councillors, heartbreak on receiving the news that despite the superhuman efforts of some of our candidates, they did not win their local battle. And my heart truly aches for those people.

But those who campaigned and lost the battle have contributed towards our final victory - and there will be one I promise. They have landed on their beach and now they consolidate their position, they train their new recruits gained as a result of their election efforts and they spy out the surrounding territory and prepare to break out come the next election of any kind.

But what really brought me down was reading the report by my old friend John of Gwent on the pathetically low turnout by the voters of this country. I felt no anger just complete and utter bewilderment at the apathy of our fellow citizens who could not be bothered to vote.

Yet as the Returning Officer announced, much earlier than anyone expected, that the process was done, and that a mere twenty seven point six per cent of the people who could have voted bothered to do so, something shattered in that room. It was as if a crystal chandelier had lit up the place, a beacon of hope in political hell., and the hellspawn had snuffed it out, sending it crashing down in shards of glass.

As it fell, a small piece of my soul splintered in sympathy with it.
Sixty five years ago on this day, my father ran up Sword Beach in Normandy, where along with his comrades he fought his way inland until stopped by a burst of machine gun fire. For his actions on that day he was Mentioned in Despatches and awarded a small bronze Oak Leaf, that shamefully I lost as a boy.

My father was fighting to stop his country being invaded by foreigners who had no claims to his land. He was machine gunned by a teenager from the Hitler Youth Division who paid with his own life. Killed by my fathers friend who won the Military Medal for his part. My father never held a grudge against his enemies. They were just boys fighting to stop their country being invaded. The boy, like my father, the weapons of politicians.

Those people who did not vote, shame the memory of my father and those of his comrades who died that day. No sons, daughters or grandchildren for them. They gave their lives so that the people of today could sit at home on election day and watch television, ignoring the fact that the country that those men died for is in worse danger now than it was in the second world war.

And I despaired that those who did at least vote, still voted for Labour and the conservatives, ignoring the fact that these politicians are responsible for the deaths of our soldiers in illegal foreign wars.

They have forgotten the theft of their pensions already. Our empty fishing ports are just pretty little places to visit to them and the jobs gone overseas mean nothing to them. I listened to them speak about why Labour should be given a chance to put things right. I listened to them say why the conservatives would put things right.

And I watched and listened as they chose to ignore the truth and voted like lemmings for national suicide.

And across our country the voting booths were empty except in the areas now occupied by the colonisers of our country. Where the invaders lined up to vote on the instructions of their preachers of death to Stop the BNP. Using our own democracy to vote us into oblivion. And it will be oblivion. These people do not recognise history. They rewrite it. We will not even be a memory if we let them win.

And so our own people fell yet again for the same routine The Establishment has used for years. The rotating dictatorship act. The most successful act they have.

After the conservatives were knocked into the wilderness after John Major and Margaret Thatcher (she was no friend of ours) destroyed the ability of the workforce to resist by destroying the trade unions, outsourcing of jobs and the export of industry overseas, it was the marxist Labour Partys turn to carry on with the destruction of Our Country. And now the people, ignorant of the truth, fall for their superb double act and will let the conservatives back to take over where Labour left off. Oh what a circus oh what a show.

And where do we go now kinsmen? What next for the British National Party? What do we do now?

Well we continue to fight. And will continue to fight until we win. And if events overtake us and we find ourselves in the situation of Kosovo then we will have to find different ways to fight.

Either way there is nothing in front of us but fighting or submission and I for one am damned if I will submit to a foreign invader allowed to land on undefended beaches by traitor policians.

We are the BNP. Remember that.

Message for the resistance Counters and Tellers

Just a quick message to all BNP counting agents. Please don't pay to much attention to our pile of votes, be sure to watch other party's votes to see that none of our votes are put amongst other piles, every single vote counts on sunday !

Please pass this message on to all BNP counting agents !