Friday, 5 June 2009

I wish to make a donation to the labour party - A barel to scrape the bottom of.

I have a donation for the labour party.
A barrel. If Gordon scrapes the bottom
hard enough, he may find a new cabinet.
(Hang on, he seems to have done it already)

by johnofgwent

It seems Gordon Brown has finally found his true level in life. That of Dustbin Rummager. I can see no other explanation for his choice of people to star in his latest "cabinet of the talents".

For as the Map of English County Councils turns royal blue except for Illiberal Bristol, and with 30 out of 34 councils declared labour is left with a total of 159 county councillors. Let's look at the breakdown shall we.
  • 1330 Diddy David Worshippers
  • 439 Illiberal Undemocrats
  • 159 Labour
  • 16 Green
  • 6 UKIP
  • 2 BNP
  • 159 'others'
  • 0 NOC
So there is one 'other' for every 'Labour'. And those 'others' do not include the Green, UKIP and BNP who are usually considered "also rans". It is worth noting that there are no councils in "No Overall Control" either. The electorate has spoken and it has said clearly that Gordon is to be sent to the back of the class with a dunce's cap.

And if there was any need to show the level of utter desperation, the depth to which this man has been forced to sink, look no further than the replacement for Caroline Flint. She of course, last year, pioneered the art of using a see-through file to show us all, courtesy of press high resolution digital cameras, what the cabinet really thought the housing market would be doing by now. So her card was marked. And who better to bring in as Minister of State For Europe than the retiring MEP for South East Wales Glenys Kinnock.

As my MEP she refused to answer my question on what the French were doing about the illegal immigrants trying to break into lorries to catch a free ride here. Now she's got the Euro Portfolio on this side of the channel I wonder if she will be more inclined to answer me. I think I'll ask my MP to find out.

But my god, what a fine parade of talent Gordon has lined up.

I can only think of one possible reason for this.

Lord Mandelson is going to let him carry on for a few more days, and then in a move that will be heralded as the most extreme sacrifice, he will follow the example of Anthony Wedgewood Benn and give up his peerage to lead the country back from the wilderness.

You heard it here first, people .... !!